How to Perfect the Customer Experience: Behind Trello

Trello keeps my dream of being a lifestyle blogger alive. With its beautiful backgrounds, smooth navigation, and collaborative features, the tool performs well both personally and professionally. Not to mention Taco (the dog mascot and ultimate Trello superfan) is pretty friendly.

We use the product daily at Driftt and it’s one of the best tools for product marketers. I’ll be walking you through how Trello can take it its product the next level.

Pictured below is my Boston board (I wasn’t kidding about aspiring to be a lifestyle blogger). Here’s the Trello Happiness Makeover in 3 steps.

Hidden Help

We’re fans of Trello’s clean and distraction-free layout. When I need help, it took some browsing within the menus to find the contact option.

The side menu that houses most functionalities lacks any mention of help. I found it under my name on the right hand side amongst account information and settings instead. Clicking on “Help” opens a new tab.

Happiness Boost: Lend a Helping Hand in Boards

In-app help is preferable to allow the user to continue work with minimal interruptions. Housing the help button in the side menu, on the lower corner or the upper toolbar of the page, or implementing one-click support would take Trello to the next level. Simple design changes can create a seamless experience for individuals and teams.

Washed Out White Boards

Trello’s boards have fantastic nuggets of genius about integrations, shortcuts, and new features. They just get a little lost.The self-help page is full of suggested topics where you enter into a maze more confusing than the rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland.

Upon entering a category, many of the pages instruct the user to redirect themselves to a relocated page.

There is a “Contact” button housed discreetly on the upper right corner, and its corresponding pop-up form is generic compared to Trello’s overarching brand personality. Not even Taco would wag his tail at that.

Happiness Boost: Give Taco an Appearance

A more prominent design for “Contact” would save some of the trouble, along with multiple communication methods. Rather than give users only a pop-up, I’d love to see an email address or live chat available. Enhancing the form with an appearance from man’s best friend would make a more welcome greeting!

Hum Drum Emails

After pressing send, the inquiry received a very automated, un-Trello-like reply without any of the usual friendly personality.

The last line reads: “That’s it!”

I’m not a speed reader, so that’s a lot! I found myself lost in the many options and still struggling to solve my specific issue. Many of those links direct to the help boards, which then redirect to other pages.

More importantly, where’s Taco?

The reply, coming just over an hour later (bonus points!), tries to clarify between the old Business Class and the new Business class. The swankier features require an upgrade.

I’m confused by the identical name when comparing new features to old. I also feel a little left out on the party. All these new updates were released, yet my access is restricted because of a payment method. As a big fan of the product, I would have liked to be one of the first to try the new features.

Happiness Boost: Joy-Inducing Emails!

An email prompting the account holder (in this case, me) to upgrade in anticipation of the launch could alleviate confusion and make existing customers excited about the changes. Price may not be the hindrance when it comes to upgrading. Especially for me, lack of awareness was the culprit instead.

If users are still late to jump on the bandwagon, a support agent initiating the offer to switch the plans is better than leaving it up to the user. We’re already lost in the maze of product names and support systems! Making it easier for people to spend more money on the product could be just the trick when it comes to increasing their happiness.

Oh, and a gif of Taco can never hurt!

For the Love of Trello

We all use Trello a little differently, so please tell me if there’s something I should add to my customer success makeover!

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