Meet Drift’s Top 12 Conversational Marketing Partners Of 2019

Top Conversational Marketing Partners 2019

A few weeks ago I had the exciting privilege of announcing the Top 50 Conversational Marketers of 2019 on stage at HYPERGROWTH San Francisco.

As part of that list, we highlighted some of our extraordinary Drift Partners. Since its inception in 2018, the Drift Partner Program has grown to over 300 organizations from around the world, supporting companies from all industries with their lead generation goals through conversational marketing. Today, I’m excited to share some more about our Top 12 Conversational Marketing Partners of 2019.

The partners celebrated on this list have driven incredible business results for their customers, executed top satisfaction ratings, and have become role models for the entire Drift Partner Program. In selecting these 12 partners, we closely evaluated the quality of service provided, in addition to customer implementation, dedication to marketing education, and commitment to the conversational marketing community.

As we wrap up 2019, we’re thrilled to share the list of Drift’s Top 12 Conversational Marketing Partners (in alphabetical order), along with what we’ve learned from them. Congratulations to all of our amazing Partners mentioned, and thank you for inspiring us each day.

Drift’s Top 12 Conversational Marketing Partners Of 2019

1. Ultra Cool: Most Valuable Partner of the Year

Ultra Cool is a Drift Certified Partner based in Seattle, Washington. They’ve transformed the marketing and digital experience of close to 20 Drift customers, delivering the best customer satisfaction score of any Drift partner and securing the highest amount of monthly recurring revenue and new customers in 2019.

Ultra Cool believes that every conversation can be a conversion. With the use of natural language AI, Ultra Cool builds comprehensive chatbots tailored to a customer’s pain points and needs. Their chatbots handle 90% of general questions, only routing to a human when the prospect is ready.

2. Campaign Stars

Based in Oakland, CA, Campaign Stars helps B2B brands with customer acquisition to help sales and marketing teams close more deals.

Campaign Stars generated strong customer results and new business throughout 2019, in addition to helping a number of large enterprises adopt Drift for ABM. They’ve also set an example for educating the conversational marketing community on best practices, driving multiple co-marketing events throughout the year, including a webinar on ABM strategy.

3. Connection Model

Connection Model is a digital marketing agency located in Issaquah, WA focused on helping clients grow revenue, generate leads and acquire new customers. Their specialties include website creation, content marketing, SEO, online video and lifecycle marketing programs.

As one of the first 10 partners in the Drift Partner Program, Connection Model continues to drive extraordinary results for their customers. Their most impressive stat of 2019 came on Black Friday when, in under 48 hours, they improved website engagement by over 500% and increased leads by 485% for a customer.

4. Hoosh Marketing

Located in Sydney Australia, Hoosh Marketing’s strategy is exclusively focused on bringing new technology to marketing teams.

Hoosh’s commitment to education is unmatched, and their global focus has helped spread conversational marketing best practices deep into the APAC region. Their LinkedIn “Bot of The Week” video series shares real life stories along with detailed descriptions of how they resolved customer pain with chatbots.

5. InsideOut

InsideOut is a Sales Innovation Lab located in Florida. With a unique strategy, they apply the global innovation lab concept (which is already widely accepted in industries like healthcare, bioengineering and rocket science) to sales. They help their customers test and measure their best ideas in live environments and assist with deployment and training.

The sales expertise of InsideOut has yielded solid results for customers in 2019. They have helped large companies scale and improve their sales motions through an offering called “Mirrored Staffing” where they build and run a sales environment on behalf of a customer. The result? Businesses end up with 100% budget utilization and zero open territories, empowering them to scale up and scale down at a moment’s notice. We’re blown away by this sales innovation. And it doesn’t stop there. With their scientific driven strategy, InsideOut has been able to help customers adopt conversational marketing in fewer than 30 days, leading the way in how to improve time to value.

6. LeadFabric

Established in 2008, LeadFabric is a B2B Digital Marketing agency, specializing in marketing automation, and sales & marketing alignment. What makes LeadFabric unique is twofold. They have deep expertise in servicing and supporting enterprise B2B customers, and they execute this work with a true global mindset. The LeadFabric team is comprised of marketing experts representing 10 nationalities, speaking 14 languages, sitting in 5 global locations across 3 continents ?

In 2019 LeadFabric established their place as a thought leader in conversational marketing through their business process design and change management strategies. This allowed LeadFabric to become the strategic partners to the marketing teams of many enterprise organizations, launching and driving their conversational marketing strategies and educating them on best practices.

7. LeadMD

Located in Scottsdale, AZ, LeadMD empowers marketers to create business impact. They are a revenue acceleration agency focused on people, process, and technology to create predictable and sustainable revenue operations for high-growth and enterprise brands.

The organization has collaborated and executed on the Drift Maturity Model, truly changing the way we think about driving adoption for each and every customer. LeadMD has set a high water mark for performance and reliability and have 8 team members certified in conversational marketing with no signs of slowing down.

8. MarketScale

MarketScale is a Drift Certified Partner Based in Dallas, Texas. Since partnering with Drift back in July 2019, they’ve successfully on-boarded and implemented over 10 Drift customers.

Drift can rely on MarketScale to efficiently show value to customers and ultimately help B2B brands create, distribute and analyze thought leadership content so they can engage with their buyers and grow their businesses. Specifically, the MarketScale team has achieved some of the fastest and most influential implementations of chat for their customers to date.

9. Molly Duggan

Molly Duggan Creative Technology Agency is a Drift Certified Partner based in San Francisco, CA. Understanding your organization’s brand values, personality, and tone are core to achieving targeted conversational marketing that will set your organization apart. And that’s just what Molly Duggan does. They call themselves #ConversationOrchestrators.

 Molly Duggan is a preferred agency bridging the gap between brand, marketing, and sales in real and measurable ways. Their expertly crafted playbooks and technical Drift integrations have increased demo requests by over 300% and conversions by over 700%.

10. New Breed Marketing

Located in Burlington, VT, New Breed is a premier customer acquisition agency that believes the alignment of people, process and platforms leads to greater results. They want to revolutionize the way B2B tech and Saas companies grow, and partnerships with companies like Drift help them do just that.

New Breed has been an incredibly impactful partner in bringing services to our customers. They’ve agreed to help us test some of the early stages of partner services, and have been able to see firsthand how conversational marketing can help streamline sales cycles and drive results. The partnership, led by one of Drift’s Top 50 Conversational Marketers, Guido Bartolacci, has helped our customers reach and exceed their goals.

11. Six & Flow

Based in Manchester, UK, Six & Flow helps B2B tech and professional services clients grow their customer base. Working across the full marketing and sales funnel, Six & Flow integrates creativity, strategy and automation to deliver revenue growth, speed up sales cycles and increase market share.

As one of the first 10 Drift Partners, Six & Flow has taken on the amazing task of helping spread the word of conversational marketing across EMEA. Six & Flow led nearly 10 events in partnership with Drift, which allowed us to build a footprint in regions we’re excited to learn more from. We’re also continuing to host events as we head into 2020 so stay tuned for more!


WOWMI is a corporate production company that focuses on creating personal branding tools including commercials, photography, websites, conversational marketing, branding materials and more. Their mission is to create brand engagement through personalized marketing material.

WOWMI works with enterprise sales and recruiting teams to help streamline the visitor to meeting experience. They do this through conversational landing pages and by triggering chatbots via CTAs for an easier booking process. They are one of our fastest-growing partners and a great organization to work with for those with international scaling teams.

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