The Importance of Centralized Communication At Work and At Home (and How to Make it Easy)

You’ve got your spouse calling your work number, your colleague calling your cell phone, a half-dozen email addresses to stay on top of, your kids sending you social media messages, and your boss still sticking handwritten memos on your computer screen.

If only you could show them all an easier way to do things, and make things that much easier for yourself in the process…

Fetchnotes Was Designed to Centralize Communication

We’re pretty proud of what Fetchnotes has accomplished. If you ask us, there isn’t a more streamlined, powerful, or more adaptable organization and productivity app out there. Fetchnotes has taken the traditional todo list and taken it up a few levels, giving you the ability to label, cross-reference, and call up notes on any topic that comes to mind, all without learning any new software or following any strange list of instructions.

All you have to do is type, and your notes say what you want them to say, get the labels you want to give them, and are ready for retrieval with a single click on a self-selected keyword.

And that isn’t all we designed Fetchnotes to do.

We know that staying organized, both at work and at home, requires a lot more than having a personal system in place. You need a way to communicate with everyone that’s just as easy, and a way to keep them updated about your task list, your progress, your answers to their questions, and your comments on their own lists, goals, and actions.

Fetchnotes lets you do it all and say it to anyone with the same ease as it lets you label and organize each note.

For labeling and organizing notes, Fetchnotes uses a hashtag system—simply type a hashtag followed by any keyword you want and the note receives that label, with no limit on the number of labels any note can have. Type in, “Need to get #TPSreport from #NewYork office before #conference,” and you can pull that note up alongside all your other TPS report-related tasks, as part of your list of things to talk to New York about, and when you’re reviewing your conference readiness.

Tagging people is just as easy; simply replace the hashtag with the “@” symbol and the keyword with someone’s name, and they’ll get a notification that you’ve mentioned them in a note: “@Milton still waiting for that #stapler return; please return to @Lumbergh and move desk to #basement.”

What Centralized Communication Can Do for You

Fetchnotes isn’t just a bit of nifty convenience, it’s a way to carry out conversations about complex tasks—and multiple tasks—that keep everyone necessary in the loop without wasting time when someone’s attention isn’t needed. It keeps all of your communications neat and organized for easy retrieval and follow-through, and it’s accessible from practically any Internet-connected device.

Centralizing your communication means everyone stays up to date, everyone stays on task, and everyone knows how every project is progressing. Save time and be more productive—not bad for such a simple-seeming app.