Thank You

At roughly midnight last night, we wrapped up HYPERGROWTH, our first annual conference, and I just wanted to pause for a moment and say thank you on behalf of the entire team here at Drift.

We are humbled and incredibly grateful to everyone who’s helped jumpstart this movement, and shape what we’re building at Drift.

And even though our mission at Drift has been to rewrite the rules for modern sales and marketing, I have to admit that the speed with which it’s happened has blown us away. I say this so much to our team now that it’s become a meme internally at Drift: Folks, this ain’t normal.

Just take HYPERGROWTH for example. When we set out to do our inaugural conference, we figured getting two or three hundred attendees would be a nice win. Instead, we hit the capacity at the venue with 1400 people registered and were nearly shut down by the fire marshall.

It was incredible and inspiring to be in a room surrounded by so many amazing people, all looking to learn, grow, and change the world. So a huge thank you to the conference attendees.  Thank you to our customers. Thank you to our partners. Thank you to our investors.

And that leads us to some news to share with you today:

We have raised $32M to expand our lead in building the world’s first and only conversational sales and marketing platform.  

In the next 12 months you will see us continue to move into marketing automation and sales acceleration, and we have plans to grow our Boston and San Francisco offices with over 100 new employees across product, customer success, sales and marketing.  These are aggressive plans, and this round will help fuel them.

We’ve had the incredible opportunity to work with CRV and General Catalyst over the last two years, and we are thrilled to have their continued support here with our Series B.

Larry Bohn from General Catalyst led this round, with participation from Izhar Armony at CRV who led our Series A and has been with us since the beginning. We’re also fortunate to have continued support from our friends at HubSpot, another early investor in Drift participating in this round.

And I’m excited to welcome the newest investor in Drift: Pat Grady from Sequoia Capital.

We have known Pat for years, and couldn’t be happier to have him with us now. Sequoia is one of the top venture capital firms on the planet and they have invested in so many of the companies and brands that inspire us daily at Drift, from Airbnb to Google to Stripe.

But as much as this conversational revolution has grown over the past year with 50,000 businesses now using Drift across all 50 states and 150 countries, we know that this is just the beginning. Elias and I have been saying since day one that we are here to build a pillar company, and that does not just happen overnight. We have a whole lot of work left to do.

So thank you for the continued support. Together we will reimagine the way sales and marketing software works, and provide a modern buying experience for customers all around the world.

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