Learn, Help & Be Human: Why Taplytics Made The Switch From Intercom To Drift


Editor’s Note: This article was first published in June 2017.

Learn, help, and be human. In no specific order, this is the mantra we embody not only in sales, but throughout the company. We hold everyone accountable to make sure we understand the customers needs first and try our best to help wherever we can.

☝️That’s former Taplytics sales development manager, Mat Marr.

Back in 2017, Mat spearheaded Taplytics’ switch from Intercom to Drift. So we caught up with him to see why he decided to change things up.

From our conversation, we learned that Mat had been perfectly happy using Intercom, but once he started listening to our podcast (more on that later), and discovered how life could be even better using Drift, he suggested that the Taplytics sales team try it internally.

So, how’d it go?

Here’s the tl;dr version:

With Drift, the Taplytics sales team can better live up to their company philosophy of “learn, help, and be human.”

By switching to Drift, Mat was able to scale the ability to ask questions and learn more about who’s visiting their site.

Tapbot, Taplytics’ chatbot, captures and qualifies customers we weren’t able to with Intercom. The conversational questions were able to qualify leads.

By switching to Drift, Mat can now immediately connect leads and customers to the teams that are best suited to help.

Drift’s advanced routing capabilities sends customers or leads to the proper teams so we’re able to respond quickly without passing them back and forth between support and sales like a ping pong ball.

By switching to Drift, Mat was able to use chatbots to free up time for the sales team, so reps can now focus on building relationships (while chatbots handle the tedious tasks).

Once we started qualifying leads automatically, it was obvious to us that Drift was more effective. We are a small team and sometimes are not always by the phone to respond right away.

For the full story behind why Taplytics switched from Intercom to Drift, keep reading below.

The Backstory

Founded in 2011, Taplytics is an A/B testing and analytics service for mobile apps, which allows teams to quickly and easily test out different experiences.

Here, I’ll let Mat explain:

Taplytics started by trying to solve a problem the founders’ had of trying to test, ship, and iterate their own apps as quickly as possible. We’ve grown to power mobile A/B testing, push notifications, and personalization for some of the greatest apps in the world! We empower companies that want to make data-driven decisions to optimize and personalize their mobile apps to offer the best possible experience to all of their users. Our mobile solution is targeted towards companies that are dedicated to the ultimate mobile app experience.

We work with amazing companies like CBS, Ticketmaster, GrubHub and RetailMeNot. Our customers love Taplytics because we help them with being proactive in addressing their customer’s needs. Our clients have been able to boost mobile engagement and revenue as a result of being able to optimize their app for the best experience possible. We offer great support, and are often quoted as “responsive and effective.” Beyond just technical fixes, we also help clients understand and prepare their tests – we go the extra mile.

As an SDR (sales development rep) manager, Mat was responsible for finding customers. And the typical channels he used included email, phone, video, live events and live chat.

Every channel has its advantages and disadvantages, however, it was my job to figure out which combination resonated the best for our customers. This is what makes sales development different for every company.

The Discovery

Think launching a company podcast is a waste of time?

Think again.

If it wasn’t for our podcast, Seeking Wisdom, Mat might have never ended up taking Drift for a test drive in the first place.

I had been an avid listener of the Seeking Wisdom podcast and made the suggestion internally that we try Drift out. This was after I had listened to the Ryan Burke episode.

And once Mat got into Drift’s sign-up flow, he liked what he saw.

Drift was super easy to set-up. Playing around with the profiles and setting up the chatbot was pretty fun too.

Flash forward and Drift has become an integral part of the Taplytics marketing/sales stack.

Drift is one of the channels Taplytics uses to immediately connect with our customers (new or prospect). The team uses it on a daily basis to support existing customers and to answer immediate questions prospects have. If the right questions are asked by our team, we are able to find a problem, solve it, and perhaps through that generate a lead (all in real-time). Really powerful stuff.

Taplytics Drift_chatbot

Chat > Forms

We also talked to Mat about the overarching trend of messaging replacing lead capture forms.

Here’s how he thinks about it:

Chat is more conversational. Just from what we have seen, customers are more willing to quickly talk about something rather than fill out long forms. Having a real back and forth conversation provides value where forms do not. People want answers now and want to speak to someone then and there.

At the end of the day, providing live chat as a channel shows that you value your customers (and potential customers).

Instead of just collecting their info and telling them to go away, with chat you’re engaging with them at a time that’s convenient for them – while they’re live on your site.

To quote Mat:

Live chat provides a give and take relationship for the customer. Filling forms are all take and no immediate give. There is no value to the customer!

Final Thought: Building a Movement

For Mat, switching to Drift wasn’t just about the product.

Remember, the reason he decided to try Drift in the first place was because he trusted us as a resource.

We’re not just selling a product, we’re building a movement and sharing for sales and marketing.

As an SDR manager, there is a lot of learning on the job. This includes reading about different tactics and strategies for sales (there are a lot…). It’s easy to get caught up in the noise, but I felt it easier to take in information from sources that resonated with me on a personal level. Drift did exactly this!

Learn how Drift is reinventing modern marketing and sales software using messaging.

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