How To Become A Learning Machine (And Triple The Number Of Books You Read In 2019)

Seeking Wisdom 136

This week on Seeking Wisdom, DC and DG re-visit one of the most popular episodes of all time to share their secrets to reading more books. Why? Because reading is key to transforming you into a learning machine. And that means helping you get ahead in your career. You can get Seeking Wisdom on Apple Podcasts, SoundCloud, Spotify, Stitcher or […]
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Product Managers: Want To Work Better With Engineers? Here’s The Secret.

how product managers should talk to engineers

 It’s a special episode of #Build. Host Maggie Crowley is joined by members of Drift’s Product and Engineering teams. Meet Alexa Nguyen, Senior Product Manager, Trevor Rundell, Director of Engineering, and Peter Karl II, Lead, Product Efficiency. The group chats through how product and engineering can work together most efficiently. That means breaking through […]
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Pluralsight’s Nate Walkingshaw on Why The Secret to Hypergrowth Is Building a Product with Empathy

Nate Walkingshaw Build

 On this week’s episode of Build, I sat down with Pluralsight’s Nate Walkingshaw. We discussed everything from how he went from an EMT to Chief Experience Officer to what it takes to build empathetic products today. It’s Nate’s background as an EMT that makes his own philosophy around designing and building products stand out. […]
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