How to Optimize Email Subject Lines for Maximum CTR

email subject line

One of the biggest mistakes we see all the time is treating email subject lines like an afterthought. People spend time designing the perfect email and writing copy with conversions in mind. Yet, it’s all for nothing without a subject line that hooks the reader. On the surface, subject lines seem like such a tiny […]
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Welcome Emails – How to Engage & Activate New Customers

welcome email

What is a Welcome Email? Welcome emails are automated email marketing messages sent when someone subscribes to a newsletter, enroll in a free trial, or creates a new account. Often, welcome emails are the first meaningful interaction between user and brand, something that can say a lot about what’s in store for this relationship. When […]
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How to Master the Art of the Follow-Up Email

Circling back, checking in, or maybe touching base. In any case, if you’re reaching out to make sure someone got your last email, there’s a chance you’re rubbing your prospects the wrong way. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. That said, following up is an essential part of the sales process. Around 38% […]
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