Switching from Intercom to Drift for a 112% Increase in Revenue and 800% Increase in Leads

Madison Perry_NoiseAware

Editor’s Note: The following is a guest post from Drift customer NoiseAware. Interested in contributing content to the Drift blog? Email Molly Sloan at msloan@drift.com.

Most people wouldn’t try to use a hammer to mount a screw because, as with anything, using the wrong tool for the job can cost you.

So when I joined NoiseAware about two years ago, I decided it was time to make the switch from Intercom to Drift. Why? We needed a purpose-built conversational marketing and sales platform to take our demand gen efforts to the next level.

As a marketer, I knew we were missing out on a big opportunity; but even I didn’t realize initially how big. Only one month after switching from Intercom to Drift, our revenue was up 112% (which, incidentally, more than paid for Drift). In addition, Drift increased our leads by 800%. Not too shabby.

Identifying Site Visitors

NoiseAware is the only privacy-safe property monitoring solution on the market. We serve a variety of customers including individuals and companies with short-term rentals (condos, homes, estates, etc.) and hotels. Our product helps protect against property damage by monitoring onsite noise levels and sending an alert to the property manager when things get too loud.

As you might imagine, we serve a lot of different types of customers, and we also have a range of products designed specifically for different kinds of properties. So one of the biggest benefits of switching to Drift is the product’s ability to automatically ask unknown site visitors for an email address and provide detailed information back to our reps about that site visitor’s identity (which helps a lot).

With Drift, once an email is captured, information like first and last name, job title, phone number, and company are automatically populated. The best part? Once we get a site visitor’s email, we don’t need to ask for it again. If someone comes back to our site a week later, Drift is able to detect that person as a known visitor the second they land on our site.

Empowering Our Team with More Information

Switching to Drift empowered our team with more information, greater relevance, and improved efficiency. Here are a few of the feature and benefit highlights that made an immediate difference:

Information-Fueled Speed

Looking up a visitor’s short-term rental is a frequent task, and an important one since we have different products for condos, homes, and estates. Knowing which kind of property a visitor has changes the whole context of the conversation. With Drift, we’re able to do these searches much more quickly because we have the information we need to narrow down what we’re looking for. That efficiency translates into a substantially faster sales process. We’re able to close deals within minutes!

Streamlined Meeting Setting

Drift’s unique user profiles are a huge win for us, allowing individual users to schedule meetings and demos via chat.

Better-informed Reps

More detailed site visitor information means our reps go into meetings more prepared. It also means they don’t have to waste as much time asking basic questions, but can get right into the meat of the conversation, whether that’s responding to a customer inquiry or converting a prospect.

More Consistent Lead Response

Before implementing Drift, I did several lead audits and each time found that there was a handful of leads that were never contacted. Drift’s sequences have eliminated this problem so we can live up to our “no lead left behind” policy.

Superior Service and Support

Drift’s UX provides a vast array of detailed analytics and reports that help me visualize the data and make better marketing decisions. Drift also provides excellent customer support—responding quickly to my inquiries, providing relevant help docs, and acting more like a partner than a vendor.

Immediate ROI with Drift

The ROI of switching to Drift was obvious and almost immediate. In addition to increasing revenue and leads, Drift has also made our sales team much happier. They are closing deals in half the time (and with less effort), have a full array of tools at their disposal to help them succeed, and—as a result—their commissions are up.

Switching over to Drift—choosing the right tool for the job—has really been a win-win-win. Our leads are happier, our sales team is happier, and our numbers are higher. And I’m happier working with a product and team that’s committed to my success as much as I am.