Drift Product Update: Here’s What’s New From July and August

It’s time for our monthly Product Update where we fill you in on everything that’s new inside of
Drift from the past two months.

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Introducing CQLs in Drift

Back in July, we introduced this new Marketing Metric called CQLs: Conversation-Qualified Leads. We noticed that the old marketing metrics didn’t take into account visitors who come onto your site and immediately want to buy your product, which is a part of your marketing funnel that Drift touches, that you couldn’t measure….

Until now.

We’ve implemented a system to help you measure and qualify the CQLs that come onto your site that can be easily visible on your dashboard, Playbooks reports, and in the conversations view.

Route Conversations to Sales Reps Based on Lead Owner in Salesforce

When you’re using Drift to capture, qualify, and connect to your leads, lead ownership should be based on the Sales team source of truth (Salesforce). This way your reps can focus on talking to only their leads and don’t have to worry about ownership problems and complications that come along with that.

It gets confusing when a Salesforce lead comes onto your site, starts a conversation, and the conversation isn’t routed to their lead owner in Salesforce. We hear you, so we decided to change that.

This can now be accomplished with Salesforce Routing. Now, when a conversation is started and your Drift account is integrated with Salesforce, we will ensure that the lead owner assigned to a contact in Salesforce will be added to the conversation.

This way, there is less confusion and more closing.

Know Exactly How Drift is Performing With Detailed Playbook Reports

You now have the ability to see the ROI that you’re getting with your targeted messages and have the tools you need to know what tweaks you might want to make.

Depending on the kind of Playbook you have on your site, you will be able to see the amount of interaction the Playbook has received, as well as the amount of people who reached the goal of the Playbook. Whether your site visitor clicked your CTA, Booked a Demo, or was routed to a member of your sales team, you’ll be able to see how people engaged with the Playbook.

Head to your Playbooks reporting and watch the numbers go up and up. 🚀

Now, in your Playbooks reporting, you can also export entire bot conversations from a certain Playbook. Having the direct responses to bot flows will help your Sales and Marketing teams collect data from leads and aid in their workflows.

An Integration with Marketo

If you’re using Marketo, you know how important it is in your marketing workflow. We wanted to make it easier for you to be able to add Drift into your marketing tech stack, that’s why we created a Drift <> Marketo integration. With the Marketo Integration, when a lead comes to your site and provides their email, that information will be passed to Marketo along with the conversation had in Drift.

A Few Other Quick Updates From July and August

  • Campaigns are now Playbooks. We’ve migrated all of the functionality you got with Campaigns, now with better reporting. More information here.
  • We changed your status options. Now, you can set yourself to be “Active” or “Away” and change your notification settings regardless of your status. Find out more here
  • You can now move LeadBot questions up and down within the bot flow. This makes restructuring and editing a whole lot easier.
  • You are now able to clone Playbooks. This way, once you’re done testing them out, you don’t have to re-create the Playbook from scratch, just to reset the reporting metrics. 
  • Playbooks targeting got a makeover. You can now add “OR” conditions to your targeting to send the same Playbooks in different situations.
  • When you buy a product, the ability for that product to work with your existing tech stack is vital for Marketing operations. That’s why we’ve expanded our integrations offerings with a Demandbase integration.
  • We now include UTM data in Drift records so you can see where your leads are coming from.

One more thing… our design team is looking for users who are interested in helping to shape the Drift product. Would you be willing to chat occasionally with our team? If so, you can signup here.

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