The Story Behind Seeking Wisdom


  • As we approach our 150th (!) episode of Seeking Wisdom, Drift’s VP of Marketing Dave Gerhardt (aka DG) is sharing the story behind how Seeking Wisdom came to be.
  • In 2015, there was no content at Drift. There was no blog. There was no website traffic, there was nothing. DG had just joined as Drift’s first marketing hire, and he was starting from scratch.
  • So if you were a marketing team of one, how would you go about getting a busy CEO’s time? For DG, the answer was starting a podcast. And Drift’s CEO David Cancel already had a name in mind – Seeking Wisdom – inspired by the book of the same name by Peter Bevelin.

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If you’re in marketing, this story may hit close to home.

It’s 2015. DG is the first (and only) member of the Drift marketing team. There’s a website, but no blog. So DG gets to it and starts working on content for the site.

His whole strategy is wrapped around David Cancel (aka DC), Drift’s founder and CEO. Everyday, DC sends DG texts, emails, videos, Slacks, WhatsApp messages with great ideas. He’s an endless source of content. A marketer’s dream come true.

DG thinks he’s hit on his own great idea – to have DC start writing for the Drift blog. So he asks DC to write one article a week for the blog. It’s a slam dunk, right?

Wrong. DC doesn’t respond to the request. Which means DG is back to square one, and is desperate to find a way to get content from DC for the blog.

Raise your hand if you’ve been here before ?

What’s a marketer to do? You have this CEO with a ton of great ideas, but no time to turn those ideas into content.

Here’s what DG does.

He draws on his background producing and hosting podcasts, and starts booking time with DC – meeting one on one and recording their conversations as if they were media interviews.

At this point, DG just wanted to create a faster way to ghostwrite posts for DC.

But it quickly transformed into something else.

“My goal was just to interview him and just cut out my voice on the audio and publish that as a podcast. But what happened was that conversation actually morphed into a little bit of a back and forth. And that helped Seeking Wisdom become what it is today, which is a conversation between two people about life, learning, marketing, sales, what’s happening at Drift, reading, things we’re doing.”

– Dave Gerhardt

For DG, the secret to turning the Seeking Wisdom podcast into a real content engine was to focus on documenting the things we were already doing, reading, and working on – not creating new content out of thin air.

Fast forward four years, and now Drift is all-in on podcasts.

“It’s crazy to think back how something that started with me trying to interview DC to get ghostwritten content, has now turned into six plus shows. An audience of people that we love and feel like we actually get to connect with and talk to. The response from a podcast is unlike any other marketing channel. Because you’re literally in somebody’s ears while they’re at the gym, while they’re making dinner, cleaning the house, going for a walk.”

– Dave Gerhardt

It turns out that when you focus on documenting, not creating, you have a lot to talk about.

Fill Up Your Podcast Feed

By now you get that we’re obsessed with learning at Drift. And you’ve probably also noticed we have a thing for sharing what we learn in our podcasts. Here’s a refresher on all the shows we host:

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  • Coming soon! DC’s top secret new podcast. That’s literally all I’m allowed to say about it ?

There’s a lot more on the Seeking Wisdom story from DG in the pod. Listen to the full episode below?

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