Stay Close to Your Customers After They Purchase With 3 Easy Tweaks Inside Drift

By now, you probably know that Drift is awesome for turning visitors on your site into qualified leads for your sales team.

But what happens after people buy?

Do you stop having conversations with them because you only have Drift on your marketing site?

Absolutely not.

Once you convert a visitor into a customer, you can keep the conversations going from right inside your app, too. Whether you want to start conversations with customers while they’re onboarding, or let people know when there’s a new product update or promotion, all it takes is a few simple configurations inside Drift.

So let’s dig into some use cases for how and when you can use Drift inside your SaaS app.

Use case #1: You want to announce product updates or let users know that your app will be undergoing maintenance.

Want to let people know about a system-wide event that’ll impact the use of your app? You can use Drift to launch takeovers that’ll alert app users without requiring a response.

Here’s how that might look:

Here’s how to set it up:

These Playbooks are super easy to set up using our Takeover Playbooks. If you want to use Playbooks a little more strategically in your onboarding you can use some custom javascript to trigger playbooks based on events taken in your app!

Use Case #2: You want to trigger Playbooks based on actions taken in your app.

Want to tell your enterprise users about a specific features within the first 14 days of account activation? No problem.

Using Drift’s Javascript SDK, you can identify your in-app users and track their actions. That’ll allow you to create segments based off the events they take in your app to onboard them with new features.

This specific setup will allow you to better track your user journeys in the app and create different playbooks for each user journey based on a variety of criteria.

We even set this up within our own Drift app. Using our Playbooks, we use conversations to onboard new users and introduce them to the different parts of the app.


Use Case #3: You want to make sure support agents are routed into conversations in your app.

On your marketing site, conversations are designed to drive leads. But from time to time, customers might ping you with a product question. Nobody wants to bog down sales people with support requests, so we made it super easy to route support requests to agents from your marketing site.

If your SaaS app has a different URL host than your marketing site, you can set up a routing rule so that any conversations started in your app are routed to your support team. All you need to do is set up routing rules based on URL Hosts (the ‘app’ part of, for example, is a URL host).

Use Case # 4: You want to onboard new customers and set up their first meeting with a Customer Success Manager.

Conversations in-app are great for onboarding new customers. At Drift, this is how our customer success managers use chat to make the process more efficient:

  1. CSMs set up a series of bots that new customers interact with ahead of their first onboarding call. This preps the new user for the call, and gets them up to speed on important concepts.
  2. Bots share content and ask tactful questions designed to get them engaged with the product.
  3. We even let our bots have some fun by asking customers their t-shirt size so we can send them some swag.

Pro Tips from Drift’s Customer Success Team

At Drift, we’ve implemented a few key practices that make it easy for us to stay connected to users after they buy:

  • Make sure your users have “fast-lane” access to CSMs who are familiar with their business and goals.
    This way, they’ll spend less time getting others up to speed on what they’re trying to achieve.
  • Spend time in chat every week so that people know when they can reach out and get answers.
    Provide coverage by breaking chat duty into shifts across your Customer Success or Support team.
  • Identify your users’ greatest needs based on your onboarding process. 
    Then implement Playbooks that align with those needs so that you’ve always got the customer’s back.

Conversations can be used to drive outcomes beyond your marketing site for a variety of purposes. Whether it’s alerting customers to product updates, new features, or getting them the help they need right when they need it, chat makes it super easy to get and stay closer to your users.

If you’re curious about how to make Drift work for your SaaS app, I’m happy to chat. Just reach out and we’ll get you on the right track.

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