Introducing Our Salesforce Integration

Drift Salesforce Integration

For years, live chat has been seen as a cost center — a way for support reps to answer questions from customers fast and keep people off the phones.

But as messaging has exploded over the last few years, more businesses are turning to live chat to generate revenue.

And this is exactly why messaging has become an increasingly popular tool for sales teams, helping BDRs and account executives book more meetings and close deals faster (just last week, Scott Noll, the VP of Sales at ThriveHive, emailed me to let me know that Drift leads were closing 3x faster than the traditional leads they had been getting on the ThriveHive website; pretty cool).

And starting today with the launch of our Salesforce integration, it’s easy for your sales and marketing teams to create and track leads from Drift in Salesforce. 

Here’s Matt with a quick overview of how things work:

The Salesforce integration is available on our Team plan. Click here to learn more and start a free 14 day trial.

Once you’ve connected Drift and Salesforce, you’ll be able to start seeing Drift as a Lead Source, like this:

Drift Salesforce

When a new conversation is started with Drift, we’ll take the email address and look it up in Salesforce, and then:

  • If there’s no record associated with that email address in Salesforce, we’ll create one. Plus we’ll add any additional data we have about that person from Clearbit for you, like their company name, role, phone number etc.
  • If there is a record already associated with that email address in Salesforce, then we’ll update any blank fields that we can fill in with that Clearbit data — plus we’ll add a chat transcript to the record if that person wrote in via Drift (so everyone is in the loop on the latest conversations).

Matt also created this help doc about the integration in case you want to poke around a little more (and he goes more in-depth than I will here on the blog).

We have a whole lot more to come this year at Drift for sales teams, but we wanted to start by giving you an easy way to get leads from Drift into Salesforce (plus now you’ll be able to understand how much revenue these leads are really bringing in — and how much faster leads from Drift are closing).

The Salesforce integration is available on our Team plan, and you can test it out in addition to all of our premium features by clicking the link below.

Drift is a sales communication platform that helps businesses generate more leads and close deals faster. Click here to learn more.