Only at RevGrowth: Powerful Lessons in Personalization from Nike, PTC, and More

Do you have what it takes to win the race for revenue?

In today’s digital world, buyers are in complete control. Which means your marketing and sales teams must work in lockstep to identify your most interested buyers, and also deliver the most compelling messages at the most opportune times.

And you can’t do that – at scale – without personalization.

While many brands have begun ramping up their personalization efforts, some brands already have it down to a science. And on August 26, you’ll get to hear from a few innovators who are leading the way at RevGrowth: Personalization at Scale.

Greg Hoffman

Who he is: Founder of Modern Arena, a brand advisory group

Why we’re excited to hear from him: To say Greg Hoffman is a storytelling expert would be an understatement. In addition to his experience as VP of Global Brand Innovation and CMO at Nike, Greg has been named one of the Most Creative People in Business by Fast Company. At RevGrowth, he’ll share the biggest lessons from his 27+ years creating emotional campaigns at Nike and how to deliver personalized experiences across mediums that leave a lasting legacy with customers.

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Swan Sit

Who she is: Independent Board Director and VP of Marketing at Ani Energy, a new energy drink company launched by two TikTok stars

Why we’re excited to hear from her: With more than 3 million followers, Swan Sit is the undisputed Queen of Clubhouse. Her experience is broad – from working with brands like Nike, Revlon, and Estée Lauder, to collaborating with influencers like Chelsea Handler, Iris Apfel, and Gigi Gorgeous. At RevGrowth, she’ll share how you can use data to engage your buyers, give them exactly what they want, and keep them coming back for more.

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Poppy Crum

Who she is: Chief Scientist at Dolby Laboratories and Stanford University Professor

Why we’re excited to hear from her: Technologist. Futurist. Global Innovator. Dr. Poppy Crum is a trusted expert in the intersection of human experience and evolving technology. You may have also seen her presenting a TED talk that now has over 1.5 million views. At RevGrowth, she’ll share her best insights on how to harness personalized data to grow your business.

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Sydney Sloan

Who she is: CMO at SalesLoft

Why we’re excited to hear from her: Sydney Sloan is laser-focused on customer experience. In fact, when she joined SalesLoft as CMO, one of her first priorities was to implement a customer journey exercise to better understand how she could better provide value to SalesLoft customers. She has extensive global marketing experience from senior leadership and advisory roles at Adobe, Marketo, and Demandbase. At RevGrowth, she’s joining Drift CMO Tricia Gellman to talk about how they’re helping their teams focus on personalization, drive more qualified pipeline, and deliver a better ROI on marketing spend.

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Mariana Cogan

Who she is: SVP Digital Marketing Strategy and Operations at PTC

Why we’re excited to hear from her: Mariana Cogan, SVP Marketing isn’t someone who just talks about digital transformation. She lives and breathes it. In fact, under her leadership, PTC’s digital marketing organization has doubled its contribution to the business. She unites branding, technology, messaging, business development, and agile execution to accelerate revenue. At RevGrowth, Mariana will share how her team uses Drift’s patented conversational AI to create personalized experiences for their customers at scale (which results in higher ROI on sales & marketing spend, consistent flow of qualified pipeline, better customer experience, and higher productivity per rep).

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