Only at RevGrowth: Lessons in Building and Aligning Your Dream Team from Gatorade, Google, and a WNBA Superstar

It’s a tale as old as time. A face-off between marketing and sales teams who are, by all definitions, actually working toward the same goal. That goal?

Revenue 💰

But here’s where things get tricky. Because it’s a story we’ve heard so often, we’ve stopped prioritizing fixing the issue.

In today’s digital world, establishing alignment between revenue teams is critical to your success. Marketing and sales must work together, powerfully united, to close deals faster, exceed quotas, and most importantly, give the right buyers the right experience, at the right time.

So let’s get back to the basics and realign our teams for good.

After all, teamwork makes the revenue dream work.

On December 2, join us at RevGrowth: Align to Drive Pipeline, to get the blueprint for alignment from seasoned pros like:

Lisa Leslie

Who she is: WNBA Star, Four-time Olympic Gold Medalist, and Former Co-Owner of the LA Sparks

Why we’re excited to hear from her: Lisa Leslie dominated the basketball court throughout her legendary career, becoming the first team sport athlete to win four consecutive Olympic Gold Medals. And in 2002, she shocked the world with the first slam-dunk in WNBA history. An author, co-host, commentator, and in-studio sports analyst, Lisa Leslie has done it all. At RevGrowth, she’ll be sharing what her experiences on and off the court taught her about leadership, team dynamics, and performing under pressure.

Follow: @LisaLeslie

Sarah Robb O’Hagan

Who she is: CEO of EXOS, Former Global President at Gatorade and Equinox

Why we’re excited to hear from her: An internationally recognized reinventor of brands, Sarah Robb O’Hagan has spent her career personally leading the transformation of some of the world’s most influential companies. But she’s more than a businesswoman — she’s also a passionate advocate for women, innovator, and author. She was named to Forbes Magazine’s “Most Powerful Women in Sports” list twice and was dubbed one of the “Most Creative People in Business” by Fast Company. At RevGrowth, she’ll draw on her decades of leadership experience and share her go-to formula for building a world-class team.

Follow: @ExtremeSRO

Ginny Clarke

Who she is: CEO of Ginny Clarke, LLC, Former Director of Executive Recruiting at Google

Why we’re excited to hear from her: As CEO of her own talent and leadership consulting business and host of Fifth Dimensional Leadership podcast, Ginny Clarke is a proven expert in bringing conscious awareness to the workplace. She has helped senior leaders build the infrastructure, competencies, and skills to attract, inspire, and grow talent. At RevGrowth, she’ll share what it really takes to navigate the future of work and build a dream team that’s diverse, inclusive, and high-performing.

Follow: @GinnyClarke

Latane Conant and Mark Ebert

Who they are: CMO and SVP of Sales at 6sense

Why we’re excited to hear from them: 2020 didn’t take it easy on marketing and sales. At RevGrowth, Latane and Mark are taking our theme of alignment to heart and joining forces for a fireside chat. Learn how they forged a strong partnership and built a predictable pipeline machine to power one of the fastest-growing private companies in America.

Follow: @LataneConant and Mark’s LinkedIn

Katie Foote

Who she is: Interim CMO at Drift

Why we’re excited to hear from her: Katie Foote has made a name for herself in the SaaS world by focusing on relationships, momentum, and impact. With more than 15 years of experience at Salesforce and Drift, she knows a thing or two about building lasting relationships with sales and driving transformational change. Just how transformational, you ask? At RevGrowth, Katie’s sharing her secrets for leading high-performing demand generation teams and her pipeline playbook — how she generated over half a billion dollars in pipeline throughout her career.

Katie’s LinkedIn

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