Try This 30-Second Tactic For Smoother Introductions, Fewer No-Shows & Happier Customers


Hand-offs have always been important in relay races and football (two activities I’m just not cut out for).

They’ve also become increasingly important in B2B.

If you’re an AE, SDR, BDR, SE, AM, CSMs – or have any customer-facing role with a different acronym-happy title – then these hand-offs are part of life.

But for your buyers, hand-offs can be painful.

Poor hand-offs cause buying friction. And guess what? Buyers hate friction. You hate friction.

Because when there’s friction, context gets lost, people get confused, buyers disengage, and you lose momentum.

In studying this dynamic, we’ve found that it’s worthwhile to take an extra 30 seconds in the hand-off process to make it smooth, clear, and easy for the buyer. This short time investment up-front can save you hours later on.

So, how are we doing it? The team at Drift has been sending quick, personal Drift Videos during hand-offs.

Here’s how it works ?

  1. Use a simple script like this:

  1. Use Drift Video to make the message personal and clear.
  2. Grab the new point contact and record a quick video together. These videos should be casual, brief (like I said, 30 seconds is all you need), and focused on creating clarity for the customer. You can also record your screen with any important details about next steps.
  3. Send the video to your buyer with both contacts cc’d.
  4. Follow-up via email to make sure everyone understands what’s changing.

Okay now that you have the script, let’s check out a few real-life examples ?

The SDR To AE Hand-Off With Meeting Agenda

Here’s a fun one I made for my favorite target customer, PiedPiper. In this case, I turned on the screen recorder after doing the AE intro so that I could share our demo agenda.

The AE To CSM Intro After A Deal Is Closed

Here’s an example of how John Murphy (AE) introduced Lauren Maksian (CSM) right after a new customer has signed the contract. This ensured the customer had immediate contact with Lauren and could easily book their onboarding call.

The Mobile Hand-Off When You’re On The Go

Here’s an example of how the infamous BDR (recently turned AE) at Drift, Haylee Taylor, used quick videos when teeing up new meetings for her AEs.

In this case, Haylee used Drift Video for Mobile so she could record a video while she was away from her desk. After she booked a meeting, she grabbed her phone and went over to her AE Paul’s desk to record an intro video for her prospect.

Your company probably already has defined processes for hand-offs between AEs and CSMs, SDRs and AEs, SEs and AEs, etc. But each rep still needs to land the message and get customers to pay attention.

That’s where this 30-second tactic can help.

Not only does it make the hand-off a bit more personal, but it also minimizes the chance of being no-showed, helps make sure context is set ahead of time, and gives the buyer confidence in your process.

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