Red Seal Recruiting Shortened The Process Of Booking Meetings From A Couple Of Days To A Few Minutes With Chatbots. See How They Did It.


Kael Campbell is the President of Red Seal Recruiting, a firm that sources talent for companies hiring in the trades, construction and manufacturing industries. Their prospects and clients span the United States, Canada and beyond – which means this west-coast based business has to serve multiple time zones on any given day.

How Drift Helped

Kael was looking for a single tool that combined chat capabilities with sales automation when he landed on Drift. With Drift, Red Seal Recruiting is available to answer questions and book meetings at any time of day. Whether during or outside business hours, Kael and his team can quickly respond to client inquiries – often booking meetings the same day!

A process that might have taken a couple of days of back and forth between form submission and emails is reduced to under 10 minutes.

This allows for not only a more efficient meeting booking system for Kael and his team by shortening the sales cycle, but also provides a streamlined experience for his clients. One of whom went as far as to say, “this is the best experience I have ever had with a recruiter.”

The Drift Setup


Red Seal decided to tackle one bot at a time. The priority was to greet site visitors across their website, start conversations with them and see if they were a good fit for Red Seal’s services.

Step 1

Their bot starts with a simple question:

“Are you looking for a job that matches your skills, or to hire great employees?”

This helps qualify whether a visitor is a job-seeker or an employer looking to hire.

PRO TIP: Make sure your opening question, or “hook,” is engaging and gets visitors’ attention. Tailor it to your audience and keep your industry and client profile in mind.

Step 2

From there, visitors are sent down paths designed to ask informational and qualifying questions and direct them towards the right person at Red Seal. To keep it simple, Kael started with the playbook template “conversation starter.”

PRO TIP: Start with a pre-designed playbook template to get up-and-running quickly. Pick the template that works best for your goals (“conversation starter,” “pricing page” etc.). All you need to do is customize the language with the questions and qualification criteria most important to your business.

Step 3

With a few edits and customization, the bot was ready to greet visitors, qualify them based on whether they were job seekers or employers and set up some time with Kael’s team to demonstrate Red Seal’s services.

PRO TIP: Get personal. Connect your CRM to your Drift account so you can tailor experiences. This also lets you track and measure how Drift is performing for you.

The Numbers

Since launching their playbook in mid-March of 2019, Red Seal has seen:

  • 1,800 conversations started
  • 929 emails captured (52% conversion rate)
  • Meetings happen in minutes instead of days

What’s Next

So what’s next for Red Seal and their use of conversational marketing? They plan to set up bots targeted to specific skill-sets and pages on their website: driving visitors to book meetings by engaging with them in less than 5 minutes, right in chat.

PRO TIP: Focus on pages on your site that demonstrate high intent to purchase like your pricing page. Create custom bots on these pages to capture visitors and start conversations instantly.

In Short

  • Keep it simple. Start with a playbook template to get your bots up-and-running quickly.
  • Adapt. Think of how chatbots can work best for your business and solve problems ranging from engaging visitors to capturing emails to booking meetings.
  • Get specific. Find areas of your website where you want to boost conversion and target those with tailored bots. These can be landing pages, pricing pages and any page with a form on it.
  • Make it personal. Connect your CRM to personalize visitors’ experience and easily measure how Drift is working for you.

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