Infographic: Why Real-Time Selling™ Is the Future of Sales

We say it all the time here at Drift, but it’s worth repeating:

Today, buyers have all the power.

And if you think buyers enjoy the experience of filling out a form, waiting for an email follow-up, waiting to get qualified, waiting for a phone call…it’s time for a reality check.

Your potential customers are tired of waiting.

With the rise of 1:1 messaging and the on-demand economy, just about everything seems to be one click away these days. Customers are used to things happening instantaneously.

So why are so many sales teams making people wait hours, days, or even weeks before responding to sales inquiries?

And taking a step back, why are so many companies spending so much time and energy attracting high-quality leads to their websites in the first place if they’re not willing to talk to them right away?

Something is going to break in this process. And for lots of companies, the cracks are already showing (re: slipping conversion rates on landing page forms).

At Drift, we believe that real-time conversations — not forms — will power the sales process of the future. Here’s why:

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