What Drift Delivered In Q2 To Help You 10x Your Conversational Marketing and Sales Activities

Q2 kept us very busy at Drift. From product updates to ensure GDPR compliance to launching Drift Help and more, our product got smarter so you can be more productive.

Let’s Start With the Most Glamorous Update of Them All: GDPR Compliance

Everyone’s favorite acronym of 2018 was GDPR. Marketers everywhere were talking about it, and for good reason. To ensure your compliance with the new requirements, we’ve taken measures to enhance security and made it easy to proactively ask users for consent, and generate consent forms.



Why Helping Is the New Selling

Have you heard? Helping is the new selling. That’s why we launched Drift Help: To make it easy for you to support your prospects and customers so that your sales team can focus on what they do best: Selling.

With Drift Help, we’ve made it easy to provide conversational support when prospects or customers need it the most. Now you can quickly build your very own help center, generate support content, and have Driftbot serve it up whenever customers ask for it.

Driftbot Just Learned A New Skill

Ever have someone come so close to booking a meeting and then… they drop off forever?

Super frustrating, I know.

But now, you don’t have to miss out on those prospects when they abandon the scheduling process! That’s because our bot just learned how to automatically follow up with leads who come *thiiiiis* close to booking time on your calendar.

Not only do the emails come from the rep whose calendar was dropped, but it allows your sales team to close the loop with their prospects without any extra work on their part.

Learn more about how it works here.

But Wait, There’s More

On top of all the new stuff, we also had some updates to our integrations:

Salesforce Meetings Booked In Conversations Are Now Converted Into Events

Salesforce meetings booked in conversation are now automatically made into events. Now you can select a Salesforce activity type for a conversation:

Rather than having any and all activity in Drift be logged as a “Chat activity” you can now specify what your leads are actually doing on your site, making your Salesforce instance much more accurate.

Log Events for HubSpot and Marketo

This update helps your team ensure that your integrations are working, and if they’re not, easily determine what could be causing the problem. See the logs of every new lead that was created with Drift and passed over into HubSpot or Marketo.

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