How To Write Better Product Positioning [Free Template]


As a marketer, product positioning is your secret weapon.

Great positioning can influence how someone feels about you before they’ve even used your product and before you’ve even launched (see How to Launch a New Product).

At it’s core, great positioning answers these three questions in the mind of a prospect:

  1. Who is your product for?
  2. What does your product do?
  3. How is your product different?

Seems pretty straightforward. But even though most marketers know they need to answer those three questions, they get tripped up when it comes to positioning, and it’s for probably the worst reason that I can think of: the positioning template.

They either can’t find one to use as a guide, or their boss wants them to use the 14 page positioning guide that Big Company X has been using since the 80’s.

Let’s fix that. Download our free product positioning template below.

This one keeps things nice and simple and makes sure your writing is answering all of the key questions a prospect might have. Try using it for your next product launch or update.


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