Product Marketing at Bitly: An Interview With Samantha Yeh

Product Marketing at Bitly

Samantha Yeh is a Product Marketing Manager at BitlyShe oversees all product marketing initiatives, including messaging, positioning, product launches and email marketing, all with the goal of driving interest in Bitly’s products.

Product marketing can be a tough role to define. How do you explain what you do at Bitly?

Product marketing is definitely hard to define. While it’s hard to boil it down into just one idea, I explain it as being the evangelist of the product, understanding what makes your product great and figuring out how to tell everyone why your product is great. Product marketing serves as a resource for the product, marketing and sales teams. That can mean anything from defining go-to-market strategy and overall positioning, to training the sales and customer success teams on new features, to building campaigns around product awareness and adoption.

How are you measured? What metrics do you focus on?

I’m measured on a variety of metrics – our entire marketing team is measured on leads, MQLs, SALs and new MRR and effective product marketing can help drive that. I’m also measured on product adoption and usage, and the success of various go-to-market initiatives.

What’s the hardest part of your job as a product marketer today?

Keeping aligned, informed and organized. It’s important to understand how each team works and what’s important for them to know in order for them to hit their respective goals. That means what I share with the product team is different than how I work with the sales organization. It’s challenging to keep everything wrapped up so company-wide we’re all aligned and informed about new product, features and updates.

How do you stay up to date on the latest in product marketing?

I subscribe to a bunch of product-focused blogs like Intercom and Product Talk, as well as industry-specific publications based on our product direction.

Do you have examples of companies that nail product marketing or product marketing that inspires you? 

Intercom, Invision, Evernote, Etsy and Slack are some of my favorite examples in terms of keeping customers/users informed, educated and establishing themselves as a resource.

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