Have More Sales Conversations With Free Trial Users: Announcing Three New Partners That Connect Your Product Experience To Drift


At Drift, we believe the future of B2B is open. That’s why we’ve worked hard to integrate with best-in-class platforms across the entire customer lifecycle.

Last fall, we announced major partnerships with leading B2B marketing and sales platforms including Marketo, Demandbase, and Outreach. These partnerships have helped our customers connect with the right buyers at the right time with real-time, 1-on-1 conversations on their websites.

But in reality not all purchases are made on websites. Many of our customers use free trials or a freemium model to enable their users to try before they buy. And when we talk to marketing, product, and growth teams, most have already implemented tracking, segmentation, and personalized “product tours” to maximize adoption and conversion.

That’s why we’re excited to announce three new partnerships with leading product experience platforms: Pendo, Appcues, and Userlane. These partnerships extend the power of Drift conversations into the product itself, creating new opportunities for trial-to-paid conversions and expansion revenue.

Here’s How it Works

1) Connect Drift to your Product Experience Platform

Using a simple setup wizard (no code required), you can connect your product experience platform to Drift in minutes. Once connected, Drift will have access to import your user segments and stay synced as your segments change.

For example, say you have a segment in Pendo called Product Qualified LeadsTrial Limits Reached. These are all the trial users in your product that are near their free trial limits and probably ready to purchase a premium subscription of your product. Import this segment into Drift so you can offer them a conversation about your premium product with the right person on your team.

2) Build a Drift Bot Playbook™ to start sales conversations in your product

Once you have your segments synced, you can engage those contacts in a conversation. With Drift you can even build a chatbot to engage the users before routing the conversation to a sales rep.

Building a Playbook is easy and also doesn’t require code. You can use a pre-built Drift Bot Playbook template that’s designed to engage and qualify users, book meetings, create help tickets or route to a sales rep.

For example, say you wanted to offer a conversation to those users in your Product Qualified Leads – Trial Limits Reached segment. You want to let them know they’ve reached the limits of your trial and offer next steps.

And the best next step is likely going to be a conversation with your sales team. So the bot can offer that conversation and if they want to talk to your team, the bot will notify the correct rep and route them into the conversation. And if that rep isn’t around, no problem, the bot can book a meeting for them.

So instead of adding more friction, offer a conversation. Make it easy for people to buy from you.

Trigger Drift Bot in Pendo

User completes Pendo Guide which triggers a Drift Bot Playbook to engage with the sales team

3) Use a Drift Bot Playbook™ to drive user engagement with product experiences

You can also use chatbots to nurture free trial users to engage with your product more. This can be especially useful if a user hasn’t fully activated and hasn’t yet matured into a lead for your premium product.

You can use a pre-built Drift Bot Playbook template that’s designed to engage and help users better understand your product, answer help questions, or drive users to engage more with particular parts of your product.

For example, say you had a segment called Trial 80% Activated. You want to encourage them to fully activate in your product experience. The bot can start a conversation, and instead of routing to a sales rep, it can engage the user with the goal of helping them activate in your product.

You’re able to include buttons in the bot conversation that link directly to product tours or guides that can help users engage with your product and mature into a lead.

Drift engage with Pendo Guide

User chats with Drift Bot which offers engagement with a Pendo Guide.

Be The First To Try Drift In-App

Offering a conversation, in-app, at the right time is now possible thanks to our partnerships with best-in-class platforms like Pendo, Appcues and Userlane.

And our product teams are hard at work on these integrations and are accepting beta customers who want to be the first to try it out.

Apply to be a part of this beta here.

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