Drift Partner Week: Why You Should Work with a Conversational Marketing Expert

Drift Partner Week

It’s Partner Week at Drift! And we’re celebrating the hard work our partners have put in to build an amazing network of conversational marketers – all week long. Our network, like Drift, functions first and foremost to serve our customers. So, as much as Partner Week is all about, well, our partners, it’s all about our customers too. We want to use this week to tell our customers how they can engage and work with our partner network to get started with conversational marketing, add conversations into their sales cycle and move into a NOW frame of mind.

Didn’t know we had a Partner Program? Let me tell you about it. We first announced the program back in February 2018 (Valentine’s Day to be exact – did I mention we 💖 our partners) and a month later, announced the first cohort of 12 partners. Since then, we’ve added 60+ partners to share Drift with their networks, clients and the world at large. In conjunction with these partners, we’ve been able to spread the gospel of conversational marketing far and wide and show how it’s changing the way businesses sell to other businesses.

During Partner Week, we’ll be hosting daily workshops to level up our partners’ knowledge on topics like how and where Drift fits into the modern sales stack, how to align conversations to the buyer’s journey and much more.

We’ll also highlight a few partner success stories and partners will be sharing their own experiences with conversational marketing thus far. So be sure to follow the hashtag #driftpartnerweek on LinkedIn and Twitter to get in on the action!

Here’s what some of our partners have to say about Drift and our Partner Program:

Drift Partner Erin

“With Drift and conversations, we’re uncovering opportunities to engage with everyone from podcast community members to customers. A podcast listener (and prospect) who stopped by our site and struck up a conversation in chat, reached out to me to connect on LinkedIn within minutes after our conversation. Talk about a sales cycle shortener!”

– Erin Carpenter, Hidden Peak Interactive

Drift Partner Kathleen

“Conversational marketing holds tremendous potential for not only improving conversion rates for website visitors – it is also changing the way companies interact with their audience. We see this as something that our clients can really benefit from, so we’ve gone all in on our partnership with Drift.”

– Kathleen Booth, IMPACT

Drift Partner Andrea

“Partner enablement is stronger than with any other technology partnership we’ve built to date. The Drift team passionately supports us with everything we need from product information and support through sales enablement and joint marketing efforts.”

– Andrea Lechner-Becker, LeadMD

Interested in working with one of our conversational marketing partners? Our partners specialize in 3 key areas:

  1. Tactical Drift help. Our partners are experts at the core features of Drift including building bots, conversational landing pages and integrating into other systems.
  1. Strategizing bringing conversations to your business. There is an entire conversational methodology out there that, when used properly, can explode your marketing and sales goals. Our partners can strategize with you on how to roll out conversations in the most impactful way.
  1. Coaching/training teams on how to be a conversationalist. Communicating over Drift is different than email or phone. Our partners can train your users to use Drift in the most effective way.

Want to hear from more Drift partners? Find out what they’re saying about the Drift Partner Program here and here. Ready to get started with a partner or join our Partner Program? Reach out to me directly at malbanese@drift.com.

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