See the CQL in Action: Our New Metric For Measuring Leads Is Now Part of Drift

Earlier this year, we realized we needed a new metric for measuring our best leads. While teams have been using marketing-qualified leads (MQLs), sales-qualified leads (SQLs), and product-qualified leads (PQLs) for years, none of these metrics could accurately describe this new type of lead we’d been seeing. And that’s why we created the conversation-qualified lead […]
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3 Types of Marketing Emails Our CEO Actually Opens

Look, I’ll come clean: I’ve written a lot over the past year about the limitations of email, and how today’s buyers are now spending more time using messaging. But here’s the thing: While people have been predicting email’s demise since 2004, it’s clearly still alive and kicking. Marketing and sales teams all around the world […]
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Why DC Once Gave A $30,000 Referral Bonus

Seeking wisdom

If you Google “David Cancel Referral Bonus” you’ll find a few interesting results. Like the time he gave out $10,000 referral bonuses for engineers. And the time he bumped it up to $30,000 (that’s not a misprint). But at Drift, David wanted to do something different — and that’s what we’re talking about on this […]
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