What A CEO of A Growth Stage Startup Does On Sabbatical

How to take a sabbatical

Taking a sabbatical, for most people, means kicking back and catching up on long-neglected TV shows. If you know anything about Drift co-founder David Cancel, though, you know he’s extremely intentional about everything—sabbaticals included. So it’s no surprise that when DC took his one-month sabbatical (at three years instead of the usual five), he learned […]
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Exploring Gusto: How to Be Better Than a Commodity

When a company is called “Gusto,” you know they’re passionate about something. For the actual company named Gusto, it turns out that something is building brand. On the very first episode of Seeking Wisdom’s new show, #Exceptions, host Jay Acunzo explores Gusto, a SaaS platform that helps automate and improve your payroll, benefits, and HR […]
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