Drift Product Update: What’s New From October

This month we buckled down and added some enhancements to Drift we’re really excited about. We focused a lot of our efforts on making everyone’s experience with Drift better. Here’s what you need to know:

Drift Will Automatically Show Away Message If Your Team Is Away

Introducing a new setting in your online / offline hours.

Now, if all of your team members set their agent status to “Away”, Drift will automatically go offline.

When someone becomes “Active” again we will automatically resume your normal scheduled online hours. This can help teams ensure that they are setting the right expectations for their site visitors, even during normally scheduled hours.

Setting these kinds of expectations will allow your sales team to give your site visitors a better experience.


Easily Personalize Your Playbooks

Add personalization attributes into your Playbooks messaging with the new Playbooks editor.

If you want to add attributes you’ve collected from your contacts in your Playbooks, you can now insert them into your messaging without writing any messy jinja script.

This tool can help you level up your targeted messaging by personalizing your messages and making your customers feel like you’re only talking to them. You can mention a customers name, company, or any other attribute important to your business and insert it right into your messaging. Imagine how much your customers will love returning to your website and seeing a personalized message just for them.

LeadBot Playbooks Will Respect Targeting Conditions

LeadBot Playbooks used to follow users around the site if a user did not interact with the bot when they first arrived on your homepage. We heard you when you told us this was confusing, so we fixed it.

Now, these Bots will fully respect their targeting conditions. This means that an online Playbook will not show when your Drift widget is offline, even if it has been cached in a user’s browser.

Another scenario in which this will be the case is if a LeadBot is targeted to one page. If a user navigates back to the homepage, that pricing page Playbook will stay put, it will not follow your user around the site.

This update will make your targeting conditions more powerful.

See How Your Chats Were Started

Gaining more context to each chat message is helps you make sure you’re talking to the right people, about the right topic. Within the conversations view, you will now see loud and clear how and where a conversation was started, so you can have conversations with the right context.

This will also help you gauge how many conversations are started through Playbooks or just from your welcome message, and who is really getting routed to conversations.


Use Our Zapier Integration To Send Events When Playbooks Goals Are Hit

When a user hits a goal associated with a Playbook, the ability to add those users to a new workflow can put your Marketing and Sales workflows into over-drive. Using our new Zapier Trigger, leads who reach certain goals in Playbooks can be Zapped into a new workflow in your favorite app (that integrates with Zapier, of course).

You can add or update contacts in HubSpot who have interacted with a Playbook, add your blog subscribers to your Mailchimp lists, and much more.

Learn more about how to set this Zap up here.

A few other enhancements:

  • User Admins get notified when your Integrations are connected and disconnected. This will ensure that admins can keep track of all changes made to integrations.
  • Playbooks will no longer auto-save and publish. This will allow you to make multiple changes to your playbooks, save them all at once, and publish your edits in one click.
  • We swapped the order of the Playbooks interface to be more intuitive, now in Leadbot playbooks, you will configure your Questions before you configure your Goals. We hope this makes the Leadbot playbooks faster to create.
  • Email preview has a new layout with added functionality. You can preview what your emails look like before sending. Either fully loaded with defaults or with a random user from a dynamic segment you defined.

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