Drift Product Update: Here’s What’s New From November

November was a short month here in the states because of Thanksgiving.

But don’t worry.

We didn’t skimp out on any of the product updates.

So from Drift Profiles, to Drift for Shopify, and a few cosmetic updates, here’s everything that’s new in Drift.

Thanks for all of the amazing customer feedback and suggestions. Please keep it coming.

By the way, if you need a Drift account, you can get one right here. It’s 100% free to start talking to your customers and website visitors.

Drift Profiles: Your Digital Business Card

Your customers expect a direct line to all of the people that they work with inside of your company — from sales to customer success to support.

Things happen in real-time today. So your customers know that they don’t have to fill out a form and then wait hours to hear back from someone.

And that’s exactly why we launched Drift Profiles — so you can arm your team with the tools they need to deliver on those customer expectations.

A Drift Profile is like your digital business card.

Each Drift Profile has a unique URL that you can customize and then add to your email signature and social profiles.

Plus you can choose which information you’d like to display so your customers can get to know you a little better — like the fact that you love ping pong, live in Boston, speak two languges, and don’t like eating pie (it’s true).

And anyone with the link will be able to message you directly (and those conversations will show up in your Drift inbox).

All you need to create a Drift Profile is a Drift account, and just to show you a little more right now, here are two styles for you to choose from:

Drift Profiles Isabella

Drift Profiles Matt

To set up your Drift Profile in your account, just login and head over to settings.

Drift For Shopify

With Drift for Shopify, you can start generating more sales from your Shopify store the minute you turn it on.

From giving VIP customers the white glove treatment to sending targeted messages based on what someone has actually done on your site (and added to their cart), you’ll have all of the tools you need to boost sales and lower shopping cart abandonment.

Plus you can trigger messages to visitors based on the metrics that matter to you — whether it’s time on site, number of visits, or where someone came from.

Drift Shopify Lovepop

Send Plain Text Emails From Drift

There’s just something about a nice, simple, plain text email.

We love them, and we thought you would too — so we made plain text email campaigns available in Drift.

Screen Shot 2016-12-04 at 6.14.46 PM.png

To send a plain text email using Drift, go to campaigns and under New Campaigns, select Announcement.

Change the type to email, and then you will be able to select simple and be good to go:

simple styled.png

PS. We shared all of the emails we send at Drift on our blog if you need something for your swipe file.

A Beautiful Welcome Message For Your Visitors

First impressions matter — even when you’re on the web. So we crafted a new welcome message that puts your smiling face front and center and shows your customers and visitors that you’re there if they need anything on your website or inside of your product.

Check out Luke (he’s one of our engineers and helped build Driftbot):

Screen Shot 2016-12-04 at 5.16.35 PM.png

Drift Is A Whole Lot Faster

Have you noticed it?

Drift is a whole lot faster recently. No more pesky load times. Plus, we added the ability for you to go back and see all of your old conversations (the engineers call this one infinite load).

A Few Other Quick Updates From November

  • In just a few clicks, you can invite your team members to Drift right through Slack. They’ll get a direct message and can join your team in seconds.
  • We gave our integrations page a facelift because, well, there’s a lot of new integrations there. Now, you can easily search through any of the integrations we have.
  • Regex URL targeting when creating a campaign (don’t worry; if you don’t know regex, you don’t need to worry about it).
  • You asked us if you could put links in the Welcome Message. So, now you can put links in the Welcome Message. Boom.

As always, we’re here if you need anything. Come say hello on chat at anytime.

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