Here Are 10 Product Updates That’ll Help You Crush 2018

Before we ring in the new-year, I want to celebrate a few product updates from 2017 that you might have missed.

Because they could have a big impact on you hitting your 2018 goals.

Here’s my rundown for November and December 2017 product updates you need to know about.

The Big One For November – Drift ABM

In November, we introduced Drift ABM.

With Drift ABM, you can roll out the red carpet for your VIP accounts.

And it only takes a few minutes to set up. Then it goes to work for you, surfacing the best leads for your sales team to talk with.

All you have to do is upload your target accounts (or sync from Salesforce) with the appropriate account owner on your team.

Then, create your custom welcome message for your accounts.

And that’s it. Watch as your sales team starts having more conversations and books more meetings with your dream customers.

Also A Big Deal From November – Playbook Segmentation

Some of your might remember me emailing you about a month ago, about how this one blew my mind.

In Drift, you can now create Segments based on Playbook behavior.

So, for instance, if someone starts to book a meeting on your website but never completes scheduling, you can create a Segment for those people and automatically email them to follow up and complete scheduling.

And that’s just one example.

There’s almost endless possibilities with how you can use Playbook Segmentation to automate your marketing.

Want more on Playbook Segmentation? I wrote about Drift’s new marketing automation superpowers, specifically discussing Playbook Segmentation, in this post.

Mobile Notifications and CSV Uploads for ABM

You might have already known about Drift ABM, but you might not know we already made some improvements after we launched.

We added mobile notifications so when prospects are live on your site, you know about it – wherever you are.

Drift customer Zak Pines was out at a bar with his sales team when one of his reps got notified a prospect was ready to talk.

And if you want to use ABM but don’t have Salesforce, no problem. You can upload a CSV of your accounts into Drift. That means you can target accounts with Drift, no matter which CRM you’re using.

Playbook Re-Enrollment & Playbook Frequency

We’ve been working on customizing how people on your website experience Drift Playbooks. You should be in the driver’s seat, so we gave you more controls.

When setting up targeting for a Playbook here’s some advanced options you now have:

Mark Leads As ‘Unqualified’ So They Don’t Push To Salesforce

Not all conversations with people on your website are worth adding to your CRM.

So if you mark a lead as “unqualified” in Drift, or LeadBot marks them as “unqualified” they no longer will be added as a new contact in Salesforce.

The Big One From December – The Drift Developer Platform

Now anyone can build on Drift.

Developers can build integrations between other systems, like a CRM to connect conversational data from Drift.

They can also build conversational bots that help Drift users do things like translate incoming and outgoing messages in other languages leveraging APIs like Google Translate.

Similar to Playbook Segmentation, but perhaps more so, the possibilities are endless.

Here’s more information about The Drift Developer Platform.

Also A Big Deal From December – Marketo and HubSpot Attribute Mapping

We’ve had attribute mapping from Drift to Salesforce for a few months.

For those unfamiliar, Drift attributes are unique pieces of information about a contact, such as their email address or company name.

Attribute mapping is passing that information from one system, like Drift, to another, like Marketo or HubSpot.

We realized some marketers wanted to send attributes from Drift into their marketing automation system instead of directly into their CRM.

So we built stronger integrations with HubSpot and Marketo and created attribute mapping for both. So you can pass your data however you’d like.

Use Clearbit Personalization Tokens in Playbooks

If you’re a Drift Enterprise user with Clearbit Reveal, we just shattered the glass ceiling of personalization on your behalf.

Now, you can use Clearbit personalization tokens like Company Name, Number of Employees and other information to greet your VIP accounts to your website.

So for instance, you could write a message like this:

In that example “Cybothreat” and “50-200 employees” would populate with the appropriate information from the visitor’s company.

You already know they are qualified to speak with you, now you just need to let them know.

New Bells and Whistles For The Drift Email Editor

This one is personal for me.

I’ve been sending Slack messages to the Drift product team like a mad man. I mostly message them about what I’d like to see implemented into the our email editor, plus the occasional pray emoji for putting up with my incessant requests.

I nerd out over this stuff and get excited.

Luckily, our product team nerds out over email functionality too. So they built some fun new bells and whistles I get to share with you.

To start with here’s the basic stuff in the editor:

You can also edit the source code of the email if you prefer to format your posts that way.

And add calendar links into your emails.

Add Dynamic Email Signatures to Your Drift Emails

You should be able to customize your email signature however you’d like.

And now you can.

When setting up an email and adding the signature, Drift will dynamically add the correct sales reps signature in email playbooks based on the contact’s owner.

And that’s it.

Got questions? Let me know.

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