Want To Help Us Do Marketing Differently? We’re Hiring.


Here’s what marketing has become over the last few years:

Lead forms.
Conversion rate optimization.
Email nurturing.
MQLs and SQLs.
Click bait.
Performance-based marketing.

And that stuff works — to a point. But we want to do things a bit differently at Drift. That’s why we recently made the decision to get rid of all of our lead forms and gated content. (see How to Generate Leads Online Without Forms)

We want to build a billion-dollar business by creating things that people want — not by tricking people into filling out forms so we can email them to tears until they either buy or unsubscribe.

We want to bring brand and emotion back to marketing.

We don’t want to treat people like leads. We want to treat people like people.

And that means spending our time telling stories, educating, and being genuinely helpful.

We’re a product-driven company. Product is our special sauce, and our product is free. That means that as a marketer, your goal won’t be to get someone to fill out a form. Your goal will be to get someone to use our product, love our product, and tell their friends and colleagues about our product.

Want to help us bring this vision to life?

Here’s more on what we’re looking for and the type of stuff you’d be working on:

Content. Less is more. We’d rather spend a week writing something amazing and then turning it into content that can be used on our blog, Medium, SlideShare, as a podcast, video and more. We want to spend our time creating 10x content, not writing blog posts. That’s how we think about it.

PR. How can we tell the world about what we’re doing at Drift? From pitching articles to the press to writing guest posts to securing podcast interviews and speaking gigs, PR is a huge part of our content strategy.

Social media. At a lot of places, community is just about monitoring and replying. At Drift, we want it to be a differentiator — a channel to help us grow and connect with our current and future customers. You would own our Slack group, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and decisions about future channels (should we be on Snapchat? Should we do something with Pinterest?) We don’t want Drift to just be another brand adding noise and links to social media though. We want Drift to be the account people want to follow. After your first two months, you should be able to write a blog post and share results like this.

Email. Email is a super important channel at Drift – it’s the delivery mechanism for our content – and content is our special sauce on the marketing side of things. Today, new emails come in from everywhere: our blog, Medium, SlideShare, co-marketing and more. But we need more — and we don’t want to grow our email list by gating content or doing things like content upgrades. So maybe you build an ambassador program. Maybe you build a referral program. Maybe you spend an hour every day cold emailing people from Quora and Reddit. You would be responsible for growing our email subscribers for our content, but the way you do it is totally up to you as long as customers and subscribers love it.

Paid Marketing. Which paid channels are worth our time and money and match our mission and vision? Should we run campaigns to promote content? Or signups? Can we acquire customers from paid and make the math work? This is up to you to figure out and scale.

But those things are far from being set in stone.

It all really depends on you.

We value what you can bring to the table, not the job description. We hire people, not skills.

Sound like you? Let’s chat. Here’s a link to apply.

PS. Two more things. We’re obsessed with our customers, and we’re obsessed with learning. You should be too.

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