11 Marketing & Sales Leaders Speaking at HYPERGROWTH This September

The closer we get to September, the more and more pumped we’re getting for our first annual conference, HYPERGROWTH.

But we admit it:

So far we haven’t told you about any of the actual sales and marketing people who will be speaking there.

Up until this point, we’ve only announced people who have, ya know, won multiple Olympic medals and built global fitness brands.

Oh, and that reminds me: We’re also going to have a mindfulness and meditation teacher (Matthew Hepburn) at HYPERGROWTH. He’ll be giving a talk alongside 10% Happier CEO, Ben Rubin, in which they’ll demystify the practice of mediation.

And I just found out that viral photographer Benjamin Von Wong will be stopping by. Benjamin’s surreal works of art have been viewed by millions of people around the world. (His most viral video to date has been viewed 30 million times.)

But here’s the really good news:

You’re finally going to be able to justify going to HYPERGROWTH to your boss. Because today we’re announcing a lineup of 11 sales & marketing leaders who will be bringing tactical advice and decades of wisdom to the HYPERGROWTH stage this September.

Let’s meet these 11 amazing speakers:

Mike Volpe

Cybereason CMO (former HubSpot CMO)

We currently have a friendly wager on the table with Mike Volpe, the former HubSpot CMO who helped grow the company from 5 people (he was employee number 5) to 900+.

Here, we’ll let him explain:

At HYPERGROWTH, Mike — who’s now the CMO at the cyber security company Cybereason — will be talking about best practices for building, organizing, and managing marketing teams. Here’s a quick sample:

There are a lot of big mistakes I see people make in terms of how they set up and organize their marketing teams. The biggest one I see is that people worry too much about the bottom of the funnel and don’t invest enough at the top. -Mike Volpe

Joanna Lord

CMO, ClassPass

A 14-year veteran of tech startups, Joanna Lord wears many hats: She’s a tech mentor (Techstars, NEXT, UpGlobal, Startup Weekend), an educator (UW professor, Advanced Digital Marketing), and a writer (Entrepreneur.com & MarketingLand.com). In addition to all of that, she’s the CMO at the fitness membership startup ClassPass, which was valued at $400 million during its last round of funding.

Joanna has spoken at conferences around the world, from Web Summit Dublin, to Sydney eRetailer, to Dreamforce. We’re excited to have her speaking at HYPERGROWTH this September.

Who does your customer want to be? What will they need to hire you for in 3-5 years if you do your core job right today? -Joanna Lord

Sangram Vajre

Co-Founder & CMO at Terminus

Sangram Vajre has a straightforward (but ridiculously ambitious) goal: to positively change the lives of a billion people. His formula for accomplishing that goal? “Think Big. Start Small. Go Fast.”

As the author of Account-Based Marketing For Dummies, founder of the #FlipMyFunnel movement, former head of marketing at Pardot, and current CMO at the account-based marketing software company Terminus, Sangram will definitely have some marketing wisdom to share when he takes the HYPERGROWTH stage.

Change is never easy and the fact that we, as marketers, have been coin-operated and focused on lead generation for a decade, makes it especially hard. -Sangram Vajre

Carol Meyers

Rapid7 CMO

Carol Meyers has worked as a financial analyst, auditor, sales VP, and most recently, chief marketing officer. Over the course of her diverse career, she’s participated in four IPOs, creating a combined $2.5 billion in value for investors.

Today, as the CMO at Rapid7, Carol is helping organizations use data and analytics to rethink their approach to securely building and deploying technology. She also serves on the Graduate Professional Studies Advisory board for Digital Marketing and Design at Brandies University, as well as on the board of the Women’s Network for the Boston Chamber of Commerce.

The key characteristics for success are all about attitude and aptitude. Having smart, capable people is great. But having smart, capable people who love to learn, aren’t afraid of change, and who love to collaborate with and challenge each other are critical for succeeding in a fast-paced, ever-changing high tech company. -Carol Meyers

Mike Troiano

Partner, G20 Ventures (former Actifio CMO)

Michael Troiano began his career at world-renowned ad agencies, including McCann-Erickson, FCB, and, in 1995, Ogilvy & Mather, where he became the founding CEO of the agency’s digital arm. Fast forward to 2012, and Mike became CMO at the data virtualization company Actifio, which would go on to earn a valuation of $1.2 billion.

After 5+ years as Actifio’s CMO, Mike decided to bring his 25+ years of marketing and executive leadership experience to G20 Ventures, where he’s now a partner. We can’t wait to have Mike drop some knowledge on us at HYPERGROWTH this September.

The most successful startups aren’t built on clinical analysis, or personal aspiration, or even economic rationality. Those things play a role, of course, but great companies are built on the foundation of great relationships between and among people united in common cause. -Mike Troiano

Joe Chernov

VP Marketing, InsightSquared

Introduced at the 2017 SiriusDecisions Summit as “The Grandfather of Content Marketing,” (sorry, Joe, had to) Joe Chernov has owned the content marketing function at public companies including HubSpot and Eloqua, and was named Content Marketer of the Year back in 2012. Joe has also served as VP of Marketing at startups including Kinvey and, most recently, the sales performance analytics company InsightSquared, where he’s been since 2015.

In addition to being a content marketing expert, Joe has become a prominent voice in the account-based marketing movement, and we have a hunch that’s what he’ll be talking about this September — specifically how you can implement ABM in the real world while avoiding common pitfalls.

We recently asked Joe to define ABM for us on the Drift blog. Here’s the quote:

ABM aspires to be ‘zero-waste’ marketing. It’s a model that targets only the companies and contacts that are likely to buy your product and that sales has pre-committed to try to close. -Joe Chernov

Lauren Vaccarello

VP Marketing, Box

Lauren Vaccarello has earned a reputation for building high-performance marketing teams and driving revenue growth — so, of course, we thought she’d be a great fit for HYPERGROWTH.

The co-author of two successful marketing books, Complete B2B Online Marketing and The Retargeting Playbook, Lauren has previously led marketing functions at AdRoll and Salesforce. Today, as the VP of Marketing at the cloud storage company Box, Lauren oversees a team of 50+ and is responsible for the company’s demand generation, marketing ops, global campaigns, events, field marketing, and branding efforts.

My job is to fill the top of the funnel, it’s their job to execute. But the thing I’ve said internally a lot is you can’t buy a beer with leads. It’s not going to be enough. We need to do things to really support and partner with the sales organization and ultimately the business. -Lauren Vaccarello

Kevin O’Malley

VP Marketing, SalesLoft

As the VP of Marketing at the sales engagement software company SalesLoft, Kevin O’Malley believes his marketing team has a simple mission: to become the world-recognized authority in sales development.

Kevin has more than 15 years of marketing and product management experience, and throughout his career he’s been focused on improving the speed and accuracy of creating demand that’s both predictable and scalable. Kevin describes his leadership style as a mullet hairstyle: business in the front, party in the back. Sounds like he’ll be a perfect addition to our HYPERGROWTH roster.

The only limits we have are the ones we put on ourselves, and if I can help them realize that and give them the environment to do something special then we will succeed together. I do come with a desk on wheels and a bull horn so I like to have a good time, but if you don’t fill out those Salesforce.com fields I might just wheel up on you. -Kevin O’Malley

Kristen Habacht

VP Sales, Trello

Throughout her career as a sales executive, Kristen Habacht has been dedicated to driving growth through improved account management and new client acquisition, as well as through implementing and improving marketing and sales processes.

She joined Trello in 2014, where she’s been responsible for developing the company’s sales and account management strategies. Promoted to VP of Sales in 2015, Kristen is now focused on growing business-class and enterprise-level product adoption, in addition to making sure Trello’s customers continue to derive lots of value from the product.

The best way to create a sense of urgency when selling a premium product like Trello is to find out how your clients are using it and highlight how your premium features will help them be even more successful. -Kristen Habacht

Casey Winters

Growth Advisor, Greylock Partners

Casey Winters was GrubHub’s very first marketing hire. He helped the company grow from three cities to more than five hundred, and built out all of their initial strategies for SEO, email marketing, conversation rate optimization, customer loyalty … everything. Casey has also worked on the growth team at Pinterest for three years. He was there in September of 2016 when they crossed the 150 million monthly active user mark.

Today, Casey is the growth advisor at the VC firm Greylock Partners, where he helps portfolio companies develop growth strategies.

It can be overwhelming to consider all the problems you need to solve. When you start a growth team, do not to try to solve all those problems at once. A growth team should start by going deep on one carefully chosen problem. -Casey Winters

Andy Raskin

Storytelling Strategist (Formerly at Skype, Mashery, & Time)

At Drift, we first became Andy Raskin fans after reading his post about the best sales deck he’d ever seen — our CEO shared it in Slack. Andy, as it turns out, makes a living helping CEOs align their teams around a strategic narrative to power sales, marketing, fundraising—everything. A former Time Inc. editor who once ran product marketing at the likes of Skype and Mashery, Andy has positioned over 50 companies backed by VCs including a16z, First Round Capital, and Google Ventures.

Today, he’s focused on helping leadership teams at venture-backed companies align around strategic stories in order to power marketing, sales, recruiting, and fundraising.

Leadership is the art of inspiring others to make a story come true. Therefore, if you’re leading people, you’re telling them a story — by definition. Of course, your story might not be connecting as deeply as you’d like, and that’s why leaders benefit from becoming better storytellers. -Andy Raskin

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