3 Ways To Give Your Marketing Automation Superpowers With Drift

I hope everyone’s Thanksgiving was fantastic.

If you saved a little room for a Drift product update, I promise it’s as sweet as grandma’s apple pie.

Let’s talk about pairing the power of conversation with your marketing automation needs to make your overall marketing much smarter.

Drift’s product team has been cranking out enhancements with segmentation and email to help marketers do their marketing automation in Drift.

Last week I saw a demo of some new stuff and then immediately blocked off my weekend to rebuild my startup blog’s marketing automation.

I spent most of last Saturday writing emails in Drift, designing flows and using website messaging with email to nurture contacts that read my blog.

Then I realized I had to write this blog post and share some of these automated tasks you can now do in Drift.

So here’s a few things Drift can do that’ll improve your marketing:

  1. Help you send confirmation emails for things like webinar signups, blog subscriptions, etc.
  2. Send one-off or automatic emails to promote things like upcoming webinars, blog posts, or remind registrants of an upcoming event.
  3. Build website nurture or re-engagement campaigns based on messaging and email behavior.

Let’s dive in.

1) Send Confirmation Emails with Drift Email

When someone signs up for your blog subscription, you send them a confirmation email. With Drift’s new Playbook segmentation you can now craft a Drift Playbook to send that email.

But let’s take that a step further.

We’ve seen higher conversion rates using LeadBot than lead forms.

So last week I created a Playbook where LeadBot signed people up for a webinar I was hosting on Drift ABM instead of using a form. Here’s how that worked:

  1. Anyone that wanted to attend the webinar clicked the link (a #Drift-link). LeadBot first asked for their email address, if LeadBot didn’t already know it. LeadBot then offered a couple times when they webinar would be available:
  2. The person selected which time worked best for them and Leadbot gave them a link to add the webinar event to their calendar (using a service called AddEvent) and the Zoom link to join the webinar.
  3. The webinar registrants got a confirmation email from me with the add to calendar information again, and the webinar link. That email was sent from Drift.

And the result?

WebinarBot (what I’m calling this webinar signup flow) converted 52% of the people who were sent the “Which time works best for you?” message into webinar signups. In other words, that means 52% of the people that clicked my invitation email ended up signing up for the webinar.

I’ve promoted hundreds of webinars in my career and that’s the highest conversion rate I’ve ever seen. Thank you LeadBot.


2) Send Reminder Emails with Drift Email

After someone signed up for the Drift ABM webinar and they got their confirmation email, they were all set to attend the webinar. But of course I wanted to remind them about the event so they remember to attend. So I set up reminder emails in Drift too.

Here’s how that works:

  1. I created a “Send an Automated Email” Playbook in Drift.
  2. I created a Segment and used the new Playbook segmentation to select anyone that “Reached Goal” of “Tuesday Drift ABM Webinar” and that list was anyone that had signed up to attend my webinar on that Tuesday.
  3. I crafted an email to essentially say “hey: webinar is today, here’s the link, can’t wait to see you” and schedule that email to go out 3 hours before the webinar.

You could send one-off emails too. Create your segment in Drift or upload a CSV into Drift Segments with inclusions and exclusion lists. You can add exclusion lists into Drift Email Playbooks too.

While it’s great you can do these marketing automation tasks in Drift now, this isn’t even the “wow” stuff that gets me so excited about what our customers can do with Drift now.

If this blog post were a Steve Job’s presentation, this is the “wait there’s one more thing” moment…


3) Build Nurture Campaigns Based on Messaging and Email Behavior

Let’s say, for the sake of this example, in that webinar Playbook where LeadBot signs someone up for a webinar, it asks a couple qualification questions before reserving that person’s spot. And let’s say some people didn’t finish responding to those qualification questions.

I want to nurture those leads because they didn’t sign up for my webinar. And I can do some nifty Drift marketing both with email and on my website with messaging.

To start, in my playbook I’d assign a “Goal” for anyone that answered only some of my questions and didn’t reach the signup for the webinar. Then I can create a Segment with contacts that reached that goal I’ll call “incomplete signups.”

With a Segment I can do a number of things. I can send them nurture emails – by setting up a new Playbook.

But the truly “wow” moment for marketers is that I can send messaging on my website to re-engage with them.

For instance, if someone didn’t complete the signup for the webinar, I can provide them with a recording in a message later on any of my site pages:

And this even works for anonymous visitors that didn’t provide their email address.

Because Drift tracks each visitor with a cookie, you can send a personalized message like “hey sorry you missed the webinar” to people that didn’t even give you their email address but you know engaged with your webinar signup Playbook.

And not only am I providing a resource, but in that example I’m providing conversation as a way for that lead to re-engage with me. “Can I answer any Drift ABM questions for you?” and they can type in their question right there on that page, no forms and no hoops for them to jump through.

As our Director of Operations Will Collins would say, “that’s unique.”

If you’re a Pro and Enterprise Drift customer, Playbook segmentation is already in your account, and it even works with all your Playbooks retroactively. So you don’t have to set up new Playbooks or change anything with existing Playbooks to leverage them for segmentation.

If you’d like to nerd out over this marketing automation stuff with me, feel free to book some time on my calendar in the next few weeks. I’d be happy to help you brainstorm how to start using Drift Email and Playbook segmentation to convert more visitors into leads and get those qualified leads into sales meetings.

You can also hit me up at dan@drift.com or on my Drift profile page.

Enjoy the rest of your thanksgiving break. I hope there’s plenty of other leftovers for you to enjoy.

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