The Top 14 Marketers You Need to Watch This Fall

By Elizabeth Hilfrank

We take learning pretty seriously here at Drift.

In fact, one of our leadership principles is to “be a curious learning machine.” And that principle drives a lot of my day-to-day work.

As the producer of Drift’s podcast network, I get to listen in on how leaders across B2B tech are rethinking their go-to-market strategies, striving for operational excellence, designing personalized experiences, and hiring with diversity at top of mind.

That said, I’m always keeping my eyes peeled for new leaders to be inspired by (and to have on our shows).

Recently, I decided, why not ask around the (virtual) office and see what marketers have caught other Drifters’ eyes? Together, we created a list of B2B tech marketers that are transforming the modern marketing landscape. These people have changed (and continue to change) the way they approach and improve marketing — from go-to-market to brand to team-building and so much more. And I believe there’s a lot we can all learn from them.

So, without further ado, I present to you the 14 marketers to watch this fall.

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Ali Jawin

Being the VP of Global Marketing for The RepTrak Company, Ali spends her days leading and scaling a global marketing team. But marketing is actually her third career.

In fact, Ali has an extensive background in philosophy (holding a bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD in the field) which she uses to inform campaign planning and operations. When it comes to measuring campaigns, she uniquely focuses on causation vs. correlation — which is why she’s got a spot on this list.

Kevan Lee

As Senior VP of Marketing for Oyster®, Kevan is responsible for owning the strategy, vision, and direction of Oyster®’s brand and product positioning.

A journalist at heart, Kevan’s good at getting to the bottom of things. He’s cracked the code to measuring brand reach, weaving together multiple brand metrics to give companies a sense of how many people know their brand.

Seth Temko

CMO of PAR Technology, Seth, has been a tech enthusiast for the majority of his career.

But take a closer look at his resume, and you’ll notice Seth’s passion for innovative restaurant technology. From point-of-sale systems to (notably) a tortilla toaster, Seth’s unique focus on uplifting the restaurant and hospitality industries makes him a marketer to keep an eye on.

Janet Jaiswal

As VP of Global Marketing at Cloudbeds, Janet heads up a marketing team that serves a customer base across 157 countries. Not to mention, she has a long history of building and leading high-performing marketing teams at companies like SnapLogic and ZineOne.

The Drift team is inspired by Janet’s ability to balance both short-term and long-term marketing strategies in order to justify marketing’s seat at the revenue table.

John Brezinsky

John is an international marketer through and through — so much so that he recently moved from Washington, D.C. to Berlin, Germany to become the VP of Global Product Marketing for Searchmetrics.

While focusing on how to position products to an international audience, John has developed a few techniques to help him figure out what is most important to his buyer personas. We’re curious to see how John’s detailed approach to personalization shows up in Searchmetrics’ next marketing campaign.

Mike Impelluso

As the VP of Brand and Digital Marketing at CentralReach, Mike’s day-to-day often consists of finding ways to enhance the company’s website experience in a way that benefits both the site visitor and the business.

It’s no small feat to constantly iterate on this process and prove ROI for even the slightest site adjustment — but Mike does it.

Melissa Dunn

When it comes to customer engagement, Suzy’s Senior VP of Enterprise Marketing, Melissa, takes a data-driven approach. Throughout her career, she’s combined data and media channels to help companies — like DirecTV, Gillette, and Verizon — better connect with their buyers.

We’re keeping an eye on how Melissa continues to meld her brand-building background with the power of data analytics to harness the voice of the customer.

Wesley MacLaggan

Since 2017, Wesley has been the CMO of Marin Software, where he focuses on hiring and inspiring a team of world-class marketers. But not too long ago, he had an eight-year tenure working in the product development and product management side of things at Marin.

You don’t get better product and marketing alignment than that — which is why Wesley is a top marketer to watch out for this fall.

Patrick Niersbach

As Senior VP of Global Marketing at Syndigo, Patrick is in charge of all marketing — helping drive pipeline, enable sales, and make Syndigo stand out as a thought leader in the industry.

This means he’s a jack of all trades, overseeing everything from digital and brand to product and partners. Knowing his passion for technologies that disrupt standard business processes, we’re eager to see what Patrick and his team have in store for the rest of the year.

Amy Frampton

Amy, Head of Marketing at BambooHR, is passionate about creating compelling marketing experiences by bringing together the product, people, and brand. As a result, her days are filled with experimentation.

Almost immediately after joining BambooHR, Amy took the sales development team under her wing. We’re inspired by Amy’s success in aligning her teams, often by sharing insights from customer conversations.

Danny Shea

After working at The Huffington Post for nearly a decade and becoming editorial director, Danny moved on to work at Arianna Huffington’s startup, Thrive Global. He’s been a leader there since its inception in 2016, helping to shape the company for what it is today.

Initially the Head of Global Expansion, then Chief Platform Officer, and now Chief Brand Officer, there’s no doubt that Danny knows a thing or two about brand awareness.

Ryan Morel

Ryan is no stranger to scaling marketing teams. Having built, marketed, and sold many different mobile apps, the now VP of Marketing for Flexe has learned how to expertly adapt his leadership style to match the growth phase of the company.

Within fast-growing organizations, flexibility and adaptability are must-have assets for any marketing leader. And that’s why Ryan is a marketer to watch.

Marta DeBellis

A 3x CMO, Marta has built her career around the belief that a healthy combination of creativity, content, and data drives the best personalized experiences for buyers. And she’s put that belief into practice while working at companies like Adobe, Instructure, and now, Dotmatics.

Seeing as she’s just passed the six-month mark since becoming Dotmatic’s CMO, we’re excited to see what creative new ideas Marta will bring to the marketing table in the near future.

David Malmborg

David, VP of Marketing at Nivati, has strong opinions on what makes marketing “good” and maybe even stronger opinions about what makes marketing “bad.”

David’s beliefs that marketers should really believe in their product and that they should be at the helm of a consistent customer experience places him on our list for the fall.

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