Drift Product Update: Here’s What’s New From March

It’s time for our monthly Product Update where we fill you in on everything that’s new inside of Drift from the past month.

Now, you may have seen the two big ones already:

  • First, we added the ability to schedule meetings right inside of a Drift conversation (if you’re not using Drift to schedule your meetings yet you should give it a spin; it’s 100% free)
  • Then we launched LeadBot so you can qualify leads in real-time without needing forms

But we also made some other additions and improvements around the app in March, from giving you more insight into which leads are still live on your website to a new campaign type (exit intent) and more.

Here’s what’s new:



PS. You can always reach me directly through my Drift Profile to share any product feedback, suggestions, ideas, or if you just want to chat about the latest trends in beard grooming.

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Hello? Hello? Those Days Are Over: See Who’s Live Right Now

When somebody writes into you through Drift, you might be wondering…are they still there?

But let’s be honest — if you’re a sales rep, you don’t want to (and can’t afford to) sit around waiting and wasting time with people who aren’t on the website anymore.

So now you can see in real-time if the visitor or customer is still there on the page:

Exit Intent Campaigns: Display A Message When Somebody Is Leaving

Sometimes, you want to reach out just before someone leaves your website.

So now you can set up a campaign to display the moment that somebody goes to leave your page — and it’s just as easy to set up as any of the other targeting rules in our campaigns:

Swap Out Your Contact And Demo Forms With Meeting Campaigns

If someone is live on your website right now and interested in your product, why should they have to fill out a “contact us” or a “request a demo” form and then wait for your team to get back to them?

Well now with meeting campaigns they don’t have to wait.

All you have to do is create a campaign in Drift and then select the “schedule a meeting” as your call to action. That will then trigger the flow for somebody to book a time on your calendar directly in real-time:

And that’s not all — when you’re talking to a lead via Drift and they’re already in a conversation, you might want to book a demo with them. Instead of going back and forth with them, checking your calendar or sending them to your Drift profile, you can just have the bot jump directly into that conversation and book the meeting for you. It’s actually that easy.

A Fresh Coat Of Paint Inside Of Drift

There’s a lot going on when you’re having a conversation in Drift: people are getting added to the conversation, assigned, messages are getting sent via email and more. Most of it is magic, so we updated the interface to make all of this background stuff a way more seamless part of the conversation so you can focus on what really matters: conversations.

A Few Other Quick Updates From March

  • Here’s a little pro tip: if you add ?schedule at the end of your Drift profile URL like this: team.drift.com/matt?schedule people can schedule meetings with you instantly without having to click the button.
  • If you’re more technical, you can also trigger booking a meeting via our Widget API so that when somebody clicks on a button or a link, the Driftbot will book a meeting for them in seconds.
  • There’s a brand new CSV import flow that sends you an email if there are any errors with all of the affected rows so you can make fixes and re-upload — super easy.
  • To make sure that everyone in the loop is actually in the loop, you can now invite multiple people to participate in a conversation right in Drift.

As always, we’re here if you need anything. Come say hello via Drift anytime.

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