Bring the Power of Social Selling to Your Conversations – Introducing Drift + LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Drift LinkedIn Sales Navigator Integration

Did you know that salespeople who rely on social selling see on average:

  • 45% more opportunities created
  • 51% more likely to achieve quota
  • 80% more productive
  • 3X more likely to go to president’s club

In fact, 60% of meetings booked with our own sales team come from people who engage with us on LinkedIn at least once.

That’s right. 60% of our potential buyers engaged with us on LinkedIn and then ended up booking a demo

What’s our secret? We’ve paired social selling with conversational marketing.

Introducing Drift Chat with LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

This. Changes. Everything.

Gone are the days of toggling back and forth between LinkedIn and your ongoing sales conversation. Say goodbye to awkward lags in conversations. Prospects will never again have to wait for a response while SDRs search LinkedIn Sales Navigator or Salesforce to determine if they’re a good fit.

Now they can research a prospect’s company, see mutual connections, and grab other insights and conversation starters – all in real-time.

And if a conversation ends without booking a meeting? Continue the conversation by sending a LinkedIn connection request or InMail right from Drift.

Ready to get started with Drift + LinkedIn Sales Navigator? Here’s what you need to know first.

How it Works

To use Drift + LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you’ll need a Drift Pro, Company or Enterprise account. If you’re not sure what plan you subscribe to, click here to check. You’ll also need a subscription to LinkedIn Sales Navigator Team or Enterprise edition.

If you’re the admin for your Drift account, to connect LinkedIn Sales Navigator, navigate to Drift Settings > App Settings > Integrations and search “LinkedIn Sales Navigator.”

Teammates with LinkedIn Sales Navigator subscriptions will start seeing LinkedIn Sales Navigator insights within Drift (just make sure they are logged into in the same browser) right away.

Here’s where you’ll find LinkedIn Sales Navigator in Drift:

1) The Conversation View

Drift LinkedIn Sales Navigator_Conversation View

When you’re having a conversation in Drift, you’ll now see LinkedIn Sales Navigator insights about the person you’re chatting with right alongside the conversation.

How? Drift matches contacts using their email address. If the email address is not the one associated with the LinkedIn account, we suggest relevant matches based on other attributes that we find (name, title, and/or company).

2) The Contact Record

Drift LinkedIn Sales Navigator_Contact Record

When you’re researching a contact in Drift, you’ll also find LinkedIn Sales Navigator insights in the contact record. This includes Icebreakers, mutual connections, and company information.

3) The Accounts Dashboard

Drift LinkedIn Sales Navigator_Accounts Dashboard

LinkedIn Sales Navigator insights are even available in the Accounts dashboard. So while you’re reviewing your target accounts, you can search details about the company without ever having to leave Drift.

Continue Website Conversations with LinkedIn Sales Navigator

SDRs have one objective: Book meetings with high quality leads for their AEs.

And that’s no simple task. It takes many touches to convert a lead into a meeting.

According to, the average SDR performs 94.4 activities a day – including social, call, voicemail, video and email.

Today’s best SDRs are having real-time conversations when the lead is on their website.

But what happens if they leave the site before the SDR can book a meeting? Well most SDRs will send a follow up email, but that alone won’t get them to their quota.

Now SDRs can continue conversations with LinkedIn Sales Navigator so they can keep in touch with their best leads.

Ready to get started with Drift + LinkedIn Sales Navigator? Learn more here.

If you’re a Drift Pro, Company or Enterprise subscriber, you can navigate to Settings > Integrations right now to enable this integration for your team.

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