5 Lessons You Can Steal From Today’s Top B2B Brands (And The Process Behind Writing A New Book)

Marketing Seeking Wisdom

On this #Marketing edition of Seeking Wisdom, DG sits down with Jay Acunzo to unpack 5 lessons he learned from today’s top B2B brands while working on season one of #Exceptions. Plus, get a behind-the-scenes look at the writing process for Jay’s new book, the art of self-publishing and more.

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In This Episode

00:32 – Intro with Jay Acunzo
1:15 – The process of writing a book
1:56 – The timeline of writing a book
3:00 – Three key habits of the process
4:34 – The missing ingredient of business books: conflict
5:50 – A book blurb, an outline, and an extraction
7:45 – Find maps for your marketing
9:30 – The highs and lows of the process
11:40 – The self-publishing path
13:25 – Outdated marketing tactics vs. the modern marketing landscape
15:05 – Jay’s Seeking Wisdom pod: #Exceptions
15:30 – 5 things exceptional B2B brands have in common
16:00 – Theme 1: Simple and small actually builds great brands
18:08 – Theme 2: Faces and people become characters to customers
22:30 – Theme 3: Build platforms for a customer’s entire career
23:08 – Theme 4: Market towards the whole person
25:32 – Theme 5: Portfolio approach to marketing
30:30 – The plug: Get Jay’s book and learn the difference between best practices and best decisions

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