From Bots To Targeting To More Context, Here’s What’s New With Drift In July

Drift June 2016 Product Update

Over the last few months, we’ve been talking a lot about our mission of helping your business have 1:1 conversations with your prospects and customers at scale.

Today we just wanted to take a minute to give you a quick recap of all of the things that are new in Drift in July — and you’ll start to get a better sense of how the whole “at scale” part is starting to come together.

OK, let’s get to it.

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Drift 2.0

If you’re a marketer today, you know that the tools you’ve been using don’t actually match the way people want to buy.

Prospects and customers don’t want to fill out forms — and they certainly don’t want to “hop on the phone” to talk to sales.

Messaging is exploding, but to date, marketers haven’t been able to use messaging because live chat and 1:1 communication simply doesn’t scale.

But that’s all starting to change with the launch of Drift 2.0 — and one thing at the core of Drift 2.0 is Driftbot.

With Driftbot, we’re bringing the power of Artificial Intelligence to the most important part of your business: the relationships you have with your customers.


We’re rolling out Drift 2.0 to customers soon, and if you want to be one of the first to get access to Driftbot, just write to us on chat and let us know.

New Onboarding

When you signup for a new product, there’s usually a pretty obvious reason why you signed up.

You probably signed up for Slack to chat with your team – and you expect to be able to do that right away.

And with Drift, you probably signed up so you can chat with your prospects and customers.

So this month we made some changes to our onboarding flow that are designed to help you have more conversations right away.

If you’re interested in learning more about why we did and (and some of the early results), here’s an awesome article from Elyse, one of our designers.


More Context During Conversations

When you’re talking to a visitor or customer, context is super important. You need to know who they are, where they work, what else they’ve said in the past, what plan they’re on, and more.

And until now, we’ve kinda had you flying in the dark 🙂

But now you should have all of the context you need whenever you’re chatting with someone. We put a new sidebar in for you so you can get everything you need to know about the person you’re chatting with For example, here’s Andrew, one of our engineers:


All The Targeting Conditions

We heard you loud and clear — targeting a message is cool…but we didn’t have a enough options!

Well, this should help. Now, when you’re setting up a campaign, you’ll notice that we added four new ways to target and trigger a message: some powerful new ways to target visitors and users.

  • Time on page. Trigger a message based on how long someone has been on a particular page.
  • Scroll percentage. Trigger a message based on how much they scroll. For example, you could set up a message that only appears once someone has scrolled halfway down a blog post.
  • Query parameters. Show (or don’t show) a message based on the parameters you’ve added to a URL.
  • Referrer. Show a message based on where someone is coming from.


View and Favorite Attributes

Many of you were wondering where you could find the custom attributes that you were sending to Drift — and where you could find the enriched data that we add to profiles (like role, company name, etc.)

So we made a little cosmetic tweak so you can see those attributes for each contact — and you can favorite them so they’ll show up in the contact profiles and the contact sidebar we just mentioned.


A Few Others Things From July

  • The widget makes a noise for visitors when they get a message, and you also get a noise as an agent when new messages come in. And if you want to know the story about how a noise gets into the widget — say hi to us on chat and ask for Trevor 🙂
  • Here’s a little pro tip for you: you can use keyboard shortcuts in the conversations view. Here’s a list of them to bookmark.
  • You’ll start to notice additional contact data in Slack for visitors who enter their email.
  • You can now edit any of the targeting conditions you set if you need to change them.
  • If you’re using Zapier, it’s now even easier for you to set things up between Drift and Zapier.

As always, we’re here if you need anything. Hit us up on chat at anytime.

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