All of the Data. None of the Forms. Say Hey to Drift Intel.

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Story time. For years, we toiled away…

Investing blood sweat and tears (read… money) in getting more eyeballs to the website. But… when they arrived, we made them wait.

We asked them for information before we’d let them send us a simple question about our product. We lost what might have been our best accounts—sometimes by making them wait days or weeks for someone to follow up—even when they were ready to buy right then. So this is how it was.

Until we decided we weren’t going to stand for it any more.

This wasn’t the way we liked to buy. We had to change the way we sold to match the way we bought...

That’s the mission we’ve been on at Drift for years, and today we are taking the next step in that journey.

How will this apply to you?

Let’s think about all the visitors on your site right now.

  • Where are they coming from?
  • What company do they work for?
  • Are they one of your target accounts????

All of those questions that can only be answered if they filled out a form. Right?
Well… Not anymore. Because today we launched Drift Intel.

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When you have an anonymous visitor land on your site, Drift Intel shows your team a summary of everything they need to know about that person’s company.

We built Drift Intel to give you all the information you need to have more meaningful conversations with your potential customers in real-time… without forms.

You’ll use it to discover company information right next to your conversations (even anonymous ones), firmographic targeting, account-based marketing, and even reach out to your best fit customers in Live View.

All of the data. None of the forms.

When you have an anonymous visitor land on your site, Drift Intel shows your team a summary of everything they need to know about that person’s company, including company name, number of employees, industry, and more.

Perhaps, for the first the first time, you’ll be able to break the ice with the accounts you choose. Just reach out and start a conversation with your best fit website visitors. You’ll click into a full company profile with all of the information you need to start having meaningful conversations with buyers in real-time – no forms necessary.

Say hello to better conversations.

After creating this company profile, Drift Intel uses each visitor’s company profile to instantly route them to the right sales rep based on existing ownership or rep-account routing rules fit that you decide.

When a high-value customer or target account is detected on the site, their account owner is instantly notified so they can reach out right away.

All without the pain and friction of forms. Without you having to beg for it.

It’s like having X-RAY vision while you sell. When a someone sends a message in on your website, you’ll see their company information right there in line. Drift Intel shows you the information you need to have a better conversation. Like MAGIC.

Real-time Account Based Marketing – at scale.

Imagine what this means for Account-Based Marketing teams. Take a look and see how Drift Intel can turbocharge your efforts.

Now, your sales team can craft personalized messages for each target account that visits the website. This means more natural conversations that feel incredibly satisying on the other side. It also means every buyer is getting the red-carpet treatment; no more one-size-fits-all experience.

Formless. Frictionless.

That’s what frictionless buying looks like. And, that’s what we’re delivering with Drift Intel. Just like that, your team will now have all the info they need to start meaningful conversations with potential customers, in real time.

Here’s a recap of Drift Intel:

  • turns your anonymous visitors into known, qualified leads for your sales team
  • gives marketing and sales teams everything they need to create a top-notch, personalized experience for every website visitor, without a form in sight.

Drift Intel is available, worldwide, starting TODAY, as part of the latest update to the Drift conversational marketing platform.

You can get the full scoop on Drift Intel here.

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