These 4 Speakers Will Help You Discover Your Next Breakthrough At HYPERGROWTH London. Learn From Harrods, HubSpot & More.


Hey everyone. Janna here with another HYPERGROWTH London update. And trust me, it’s a good one.

Remember when I wrote a post back in March to tell you about some of the speakers we booked for the event? I’m talking about Jimmy Chin, Sarah Kennedy Ellis, Ryan Deiss, and Charlotte Pearce. They’re all coming to London for HYPERGROWTH on June 10.

Pretty epic if you ask me.

But guess what? I’m not done 😎

Since I wrote that post, we booked four more speakers for HYPERGROWTH London. And I’ve been dying to tell you about them.

Before I fill you in on everything there is to know about these speakers, let me ask you this – if you had the chance to learn from the CMO of Harrods, the co-founder and CEO of HubSpot, the golden girl of British cycling (who is now an amateur jockey), and the CMO of the hottest ABM company around – would you pass it up?

Didn’t think so.

Which is a good thing. Because they’re all coming to HYPERGROWTH London.

That’s right. Amanda Hill, Brian Halligan, Victoria Pendleton, and Peter Isaacson are taking the stage on June 10. Get excited.

Keep scrolling to learn a bit more about these speakers👇

But first, a PSA for you. HYPERGROWTH will sell out. It sold out in 2017 and 2018. And it’s going to happen again in 2019. So you’d better get your tickets now.

Amanda Hill

Marketing and the customer experience are now more inextricably tied than ever before. Look no further than Amanda Hill. She exemplifies this better than anyone.

Amanda is the Chief Marketing & Customer Officer at Harrods. In fact, she’s the first person to fill this role for the legendary UK retail brand. She’s responsible for managing all of Harrods marketing and brand activity, as well as driving customer engagement and experience in-store and online. For almost 200 years, Harrods has been focused on providing world class experiences for its customers. But times are changing. The modern customer is changing.

So Harrods is leveling up 💪

Bringing Amanda on board is a strategic move to help the brand shift closer to the customer and deliver the experiences modern consumers have come to expect.

At HYPERGROWTH London, Amanda will share how she’s bringing this vision to life for Harrods. She’s someone who thinks carefully about the customer and lets the objectives flow from there. And spoiler alert, she’s rethinking the role of digital and has some serious opinions about segmentation. We’re also excited to hear about her lessons learned from her experience working at A+E Networks, BBC Worldwide, and L’Oreal.

Brian Halligan

You probably know Brian Halligan as the co-founder and CEO of HubSpot. Or as the person who coined the term ‘inbound marketing’ (and oh yeah, he also wrote the book on it). Brian is one of the B2B world’s most sought-after CEOs. He took HubSpot from a scrappy startup to a profitable (and enduring) public company. He knows what it takes to not only build a great company, but transform an industry in the process.

Either way, Brian is someone you should know. And learn from.

Drift’s CEO David Cancel certainly did when he worked with Brian at HubSpot. So we’re planning a little reunion for them onstage at HYPERGROWTH London. They’ll talk us through their experiences building and scaling hypergrowth companies.

Think: the good, the bad, the ugly – leadership lessons from two leaders who have created categories, disrupted markets, and turned the world of B2B marketing on its head. Do not miss this one.

Victoria Pendleton

I have a few things to say about Victoria Pendleton. She’s the golden girl of British cycling (with three Olympic medals to her name). She’s danced on TV. She’s had her own BBC documentary. She’s been a brand ambassador for Pantene. And the latest? She’s trying her hand at amateur horse-racing.

That’s right. Because life was just not exciting enough. So after retiring from professional cycling in 2012, instead of kicking her feet up, Victoria saddled up. 2015 was the first time she’d ever been on a horse 🏇

By 2016, she came in 5th place in the Foxhunter Chase at Cheltenham Victoria. And for someone like Victoria, who’d only been around horses for a year, let alone racing them competitively, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that coming in 5th in the Foxhunter Chase is a pretty big deal.

So at HYPERGROWTH London, you can expect Victoria to share what drives her to try new things and get out of her comfort zone.

Peter Isaacson

Peter Isaacson is the CMO at Demandbase – a company that’s changing the game in B2B marketing by offering the only comprehensive AI-enabled ABM platform.

He’s a self-described B2B marketing junkie with more than 25 years of experience in the industry. And lucky for us, he’s got serious insights to share about what we can expect for the future of B2B marketing 🔮

Discover Your Next Breakthrough

I’ve been in the events world for a long time. So take it from me. HYPERGROWTH is unlike any conference you’ve ever been to. It’s one day, and all the action happens on one stage. Plus, with a powerhouse group of speakers like this, we’re confident that buying a ticket to HYPERGROWTH will help you discover your next breakthrough.

And I have to remind you – there are only two weeks until we take over Old Billingsgate and show London what HYPERGROWTH is all about.

So in other words, time is running out to buy your tickets. Get them before they sell out.

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