Here’s Our 10 Highlights From HYPERGROWTH East 2018

Two weeks ago we wrapped HYPERGROWTH East 2018. And wow, what a day.

The second year of HYPERGROWTH was a resounding success – and that’s thanks to all of you! HYPERGROWTH is what it is because of our incredible customers who attended, our friends at Marketo, Outreach and Demandbase that we got to welcome to the stage this year, and the speakers – from former Olympians and Navy SEALS to YouTube sensations and record label pioneers – who were gracious to spend some time sharing their stories and lessons with all of us. You all are the reason we do HYPERGROWTH every year, and we hope you found it as compelling and valuable as we aimed for.

With HYPERGROWTH East 2018 now in the rearview mirror, we wanted to look back on some of our favorite moments and highlights of the event. Check ‘em out below and share your best #HYPERGROWTH18 memories, too!

And, if you’re in San Francisco next week, make sure to register for our first-ever HYPERGROWTH West, which kicks off next week at The Masonic in San Francisco, September 24th.

1) Two Lessons, 20 Years

Our CEO David Cancel (“DC”) kicked off the event by confessing something that took him, in his words, 20 years to learn. Twenty years, to learn and internalize these three words: “I don’t know.” As DC said, it wasn’t an easy lesson to get under his belt, but once he was able to finally admit that he just doesn’t and can’t know everything there is, he was able to really start learning and growing. That’s what HYPERGROWTH is all about, after all – growing.

Which brings us to the second thing DC said took him 20 years to put together: to really grow, you need to learn from people from all walks of life, from different professions, industries and backgrounds.

Different kinds of speakers = different perspectives and viewpoints = more opportunities to grow.

2) The 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do

Renowned psychotherapist and author Amy Morin shared a really powerful and personal about loss and grief to illustrate her list of The 13 Things that Mentally Strong People Don’t Do – a checklist of unhealthy beliefs about yourself, about others and about the world that all of us likely harbor from time to time, but do us no good. They do us no good in our jobs and no good at home.

Those bad habits eat at our mental strength, taking it away for the times in our lives when we need it most. First step to breaking out of those bad habits, and the mind traps they set for us, is to be aware of them.

So, make sure to check out the full list of the bad habits, so you know what the good habits are and how to draw strength from them.

3) #HYPERGROWTH18 Trending At #1 On Twitter

And it certainly didn’t take long! As of 9:40 a.m., less than an hour into the show, #HYPERGROWTH18 had already hit the top of the charts on Twitter.

Not only is that #1 cool to see, but it’s also a real validation one of the missions we have for HYPERGROWTH: to create meaningful conversations. To get people talking with each other, not at each other. The fact that so many of our attendees pushed #HYPERGROWTH18 to the top on Twitter, and so quickly, proves that those connections and conversations were happening right out of the gate.

4) Your Brand Is A Fictional Character

“In a world of infinite supply, BRAND is the only true marketing advantage.” DC has been preaching that for years, and Ryan Deiss, the founder and CEO of Digital Marketer, not only sung its praises but pushed that line of thinking even further.

Think of marketing like a movie. There are only so many stories in the world. We’ve all seen that “hero’s journey” play out in hundreds of different movies. What makes them different is character. We all love a good story – but what we really crave is a compelling, unforgettable character.

That’s your brand. In a world of infinite supply, it’s the characters that stand out and that we remember. This is why, as Ryan put it, screenwriters often make for the best marketers – because they understand character.

5) There’s No Such Thing As An Expert Marketer

Chaka Pilgrim is a music industry legend, having been an executive at labels like Roc-A-Fella Records, Atlantic Records, Island Def Jam, Virgin Records and Roc Nation Records, where she currently serves as president. She’s worked with equally legendary artists, from Jay-Z to Rhianna to J. Cole to Kanye. Suffice to say, she knows a thing or two about good marketing.

Which is why it was so refreshing to hear her say that there’s no such thing as an expert marketer. Because the market is always changing. To succeed, you need to constantly immerse yourself in what’s going on, hanging around people with their fingers on the pulse of their audience, paying attention to what people do and don’t respond to, paying attention to your mistakes – in other words, always working to stay relevant. Be yourself and be humble. If you think you’re always going to be the smartest person in the room, you’re only limiting yourself from actually getting any smarter.

6) Aly Raisman Speaks Truth To Power

Was there any doubt that Aly Raisman would bring down the house at HYPERGROWTH this year? She’s not only a decorated Olympian and one of the world’s gymnastics greats. She’s a remarkably inspirational, courageous person who – in sharing her own uniquely powerful story of abuse, survival and fighting back – is helping to driving the public conversation about sexual abuse in athletics and what we need to be doing to better protect kids.

Aly’s message of valuing people beyond just their professions, showing empathy and speaking out when you see something wrong is something we can and should all take to heart.

7) The Future Of Sales And Marketing Is All About NOW

DC hit the stage in the afternoon again to unleash a tidal wave of major Drift news – new products, new partnerships and new ways of looking at things. You can sum it all up in one word: Now.

We believe in an open future. That’s why we announced our exclusive new partnership with Marketo.

You told us you wanted to connect to your favorite sales engagement platform. That’s why we’re integrating with Outreach.

We’ve created more personalized conversations through ads with Conversational Advertising. And we’re bring ABM into the fold with it, by becoming exclusive partners with Demandbase.

Last but not least – Drift Assistant. A major reason sales and marketing today can’t focus on the NOW is because they’re drowning in too much digital paperwork. You need an assistant that can manage your inbox, send follow ups, free up your time so that you have more of it to focus on the NOW. That’s what Drift Assistant aims to do. As two products – Drift Assistant for Sales and Drift Assistant for Marketing – both sales and marketing teams will now have their own AI assistant to manage their digital paperwork 24/7/365, so they can focus instead on providing better customer experiences.

On top of that, we’ve acquired Siftrock to help power Drift Assistant for Marketing and work with us in delivering our vision of managing email replies at scale even faster.

8) Casey Neistat And Reimagining Marketing

Twenty years ago, Casey Neistat was a high school dropout, a teenage dad, living on welfare, fighting homelessness. Fast-forward to today, and he’s one of the biggest YouTube phenoms in the world, the creator of the original viral video, and a prolific filmmaker of commercials for brands like Nike, Samsung, Mercedes-Benz and many more.

So how in the world did he get from point A to B?

He made videos. He created his own content, pushed it on his own YouTube channel and put his personality and unique brand into all of it. He put his stamp on his work and brand, and now the Nikes and Samsungs of the world come to him, and pay him to create their commercials. Casey has a genuine perspective and style that doesn’t look or sound like something that came out of a corporate boardroom. Because it didn’t. And that authenticity is what has turned Casey into one of the most impactful marketers of our day.

9) Building And Scaling Companies Is F—ing Hard

From Google to Facebook to Quip, Molly Graham has seemingly done it all. She’s worn a lot of hats and performed a lot of different roles at some of the biggest tech companies in the world. And as she opened her presentation with, having job descriptions for these roles was virtually pointless because they expired almost immediately.

In a scaling company, jobs change all the time. The company gets big, you invite more people to help support it, then it gets even bigger. Being in a scaling company is like being surrounded by a pool of legos – the options are practically endless. Managing that scale means learning to give away part or all of your job and taking on new roles whenever the opportunity arises. Because that’s the only way you keep growing and stay relevant when “relevance” in a scaling company changes day by day.

10) Taking Extreme Ownership

Last but certainly not least, we closed out the show with our keynote speaker of the day: former Navy SEAL Jocko Willink, who shared literally battle-hardened lessons from his time overseas in Iraq on leadership. Leadership is the most important thing on the battlefield, and Jocko broke down the four Laws of Combat Leadership that his unit relied on to drive brutal campaign in the city of Ramadi to success.

But, they’re not just war stories. The underlying theme behind all of it – something that everyone, from SEALs to sales, can relate to – is taking extreme ownership. No excuses. No one else to blame. It’s all about you, owning both the problems and the solutions to those problems. That’s what good, effective leadership looks like, wherever you are, whatever you do.

We had an amazing time at HYPERGROWTH 2018, and hope you did too. Make sure to share your thoughts on #HYPERGROWTH18 on LinkedIn and Twitter! We’d love to see them.

And, if you’re already feeling those post-show blues (we know we are), don’t worry – we’ve got a whole new show coming at you in just a few short weeks.

That’s right, HYPERGROWTH West kicks off September 24th at The Masonic in San Francisco. You don’t want to miss it – buy your tickets today. See you out there!

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