This Year We’re Bringing HYPERGROWTH To Boston And San Francisco (And Here’s Everything You Need To Know)

When I took my iPhone out of my pocket, all I could see was the preview text.

It said something like:“David Cancel HYPERGROWTH 2018.”

Normally, I would reply back to him while walking through the street on my way to work, buried in my phone and dodging other commuters doing the same…

But for this one, I figured I would pull over.

I had to see what DC was going to say — and what type of huge, crazy goal he was going to set for us for HYPERGROWTH this year.

So I unlocked my phone and here’s what I saw:

We do it twice.
Some people fly to both. Otherwise, we bring it to them.
East Coast. West Coast.

And just like that, year two of HYPERGROWTH was born, and we’re doing it twice: one in Boston, one in San Francisco.

In 2018, HYPERGROWTH is coming to The Blue Hills Bank Pavilion in Boston on Tuesday September 4th and The Masonic in San Francisco on Monday September 24.

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Early bird tickets to HYPERGROWTH 2018 are available now at huge discount since we’re eight months away. We wanted to reward the movers, shakers, and trendsetters (hey! that’s you) who get their tickets now, so we were able to knock $500 off the list price, which means that you can get your tickets today for just $199.

And we’ll have a whole lot more to share over the next few months (today is just the announcement), but here’s the fun part about announcing HYPERGROWTH today: there’s a ton of time for you to help us shape the agenda. So send us a few tweets with content and speaker ideas if you have a few up your sleeve.

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Everything You Need To Know About HYPERGROWTH

Now, just in case you might be new here or weren’t able to make it to HYPERGROWTH last year, I wanted to just take a minute to explain what HYPERGROWTH is all about.

Because with HYPERGROWTH, we wanted to do something different.

Even though we sell marketing and sales software here at Drift, we didn’t set out to do another marketing and sales conference. You know the ones with the badge scanners, rows of vendors, Starbucks gift cards, and then endless streams of follow-up emails after the event.

We wanted to create the event that we would want to go to (one that DC would be OK with me skipping a day of work for!)

So we launched HYPERGROWTH and built a conference all about accelerating your learning. One day. One stage. No breakout sessions. No badge scanners.

And while HYPERGROWTH attendees typically work in marketing and sales, this is not a conference about marketing and sales tips and tricks. HYPERGROWTH is about the lessons and learnings that will withstand the test of time and help you achieve remarkable results in your personal and professional life — not just marketing and sales.

HYPERGROWTH is for the curious ones. The learning machines. The 10x thinkers. The ones who set the pace, take action and make things happen. The ones who don’t believe in being average. The ones who don’t follow best practices because they are busy creating them. The ones who don’t settle for “the way it’s always been done.”

HYPERGROWTH attendees are the innovators. They are the pioneers. They are the disruptors.

And as far as the speakers go, they include world-class executives, investors, authors, athletes, brand builders, category creators, and movement makers.

But there is no application process for speakers because the speakers we will bring in are the ones that don’t need to apply. We wanted to curate the whole thing and feature the people we have learned from — the people we look up to as advisors, mentors, and role models.

The speakers at HYPERGROWTH have written the books we read, the materials we study, the podcasts we listen to. They are the ones in the case studies.  And we do this because we believe that there’s only one shortcut for achieving hypergrowth in your business or your personal life: learning from others.

So at HYPERGROWTH, you’ll spend a day filling a notebook and learning from the best.

OK, I could go on forever but I’ll stop here for now.

We’ll have a whole lot more to share over the next few months, but right now (as you’re reading this) is the lowest price the tickets will be all year — so now’s the time to grab your tickets over at the HYPERGROWTH website.

Click here to claim your tickets for HYPERGROWTH 2018.

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