How Work At Home Dads and Moms Can Stay More Focused and Productive

Work tasks. Kids’ activities. Household chores.

If you’re a stay at home dad or mom, you’ve got a lot to keep track of, and the wrong productivity apps can add to the problem. You need something that’s easy to use, goes wherever you go, and lets you organize all of your notes, reminders, and to-dos instantly.

Father/Mother’s Little Helper

You’ve got one kid on the swing, the other yelling at you to watch them go down the slide, and suddenly you remember that you’re almost out of eggs, that you need to schedule an oil change for the car, and that your friend’s birthday is coming up and you still need to get her something.

Because “one thing at a time” isn’t how dad/mom brains work.

With Fetchnotes on your smartphone, you can capture and organize everything running through your mind as quickly as it occurs to you, and get back to your kids without missing a beat.

Tag every grocery item with #shopping and, when you make it to the store, pull up all of your tagged notes with a single tap of the finger.

Put a #todo tag on that oil change reminder, and it’ll be there when you’re ready to call.

Jot down some quick gift ideas on another #todo note and your friend’s birthday is practically taken care of already.

No folders or labels to click on, no mistakes when it comes to organizing your note. Just type a hashtag and the label of your choice at any point of your note, and it’ll be easy to find and act on whenever you have a spare minute.

Like that five minute stretch when both kids are actually asleep at the same time.

Fetchnotes is Great at Work, Too

Because you can add as many—or as few—hashtags as you want to every note you write in Fetchnotes, you get multiple levels of organization without anything complicated. Organize your work tasks by project, actions that need to be taken, and other people involved—you can even send them a notification by tagging them with an “@” symbol.

Fetchnotes will help you stay on task without missing a beat. Visit the web app to write and review notes whenever needed, setting reminders about tasks as they come in without needing to fully stop what you’re already working on. With the Chrome extension, you can even save web pages for later viewing and tag them with relevant info, and write yourself a note on any subject from any open browser window.

And when family stuff pops into your head, you can write a note for that, too.

Fetchnotes Makes Moms’ Lives Easier

With so many plates in the air, busy moms and dads need a way to keep an eye on everything or it’ll all just come crashing down. Fetchnotes give you a place to collect and organize all of your tasks and to-dos, without giving you one more unwieldy app to manage.

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