5 Ways Drift Assistant Can Eliminate Hours Of Busywork


Hey there, I’m Rachel 👋

I’m a customer advocate at Drift, which means I get to work closely with our customers – troubleshooting issues, helping fine-tune playbooks, and relaying customer feedback to our product team so we can make the product better every day.

And, as you might have guessed, I get asked a lot of questions.

But there are some questions I get asked more often than others.

One example – What is Drift Assistant? And what’s the best way to use it?

So allow me to explain! Drift Assistant is an AI assistant that works 24/7/365 and automates time-consuming “digital paperwork” – like meeting prep and research, follow-up emails, reminders, email replies, and database updates.

Because if you’re in sales, chances are you’re spending too much time prospecting, doing research before your next call, and adding notes in Salesforce about next steps.

And if you’re in marketing, I’m sure you’d love to encourage people to reply to your email campaigns, but when those replies flood your inbox, it’s too much to handle.

That’s where Drift Assistant can help. It automates these mundane tasks so that sales and marketing teams can put the focus back on providing a great customer experience.

You see, while B2B businesses have gone digital, we still haven’t been able to move on from all of the paperwork, administrative tasks, and meetings that fill our days. They’re a big time suck. So with Drift Assistant, sales gets more time back in the day to sell, and marketing gets more time back to deliver personalized customer experiences.

And instead of just telling you what it’s all about, I’m going to take you through five key benefits of Drift Assistant, step-by-step, so you can see it in action (and learn some cool product hacks for Drift admins along the way).

1) Be prepared for every meeting

We all know preparation is key. One thing our customers love about Drift Assistant is that you get all the information you need in one place, sent right to your inbox. No more bouncing back and forth between tabs and windows on your computer.

  • Before every demo, Drift Assistant will send you a reminder email with enriched data about that lead.
  • This research includes company info, contact info, links to social profiles like LinkedIn, the Salesforce record, and a timeline of how the meeting was booked. So if you read one thing before going into your next meeting, everything you need to know will be in this email.



  • Even better, you get to choose the amount of time before a meeting that you would like to receive this email.


Drift Admin Pro Tip

  • Admins can configure Drift Assistant so that it will only send reminders to your team for leads that match your Salesforce mapping.
  • And it’s important to mention, you don’t need to have SFDC configuration for this skill to work. If nothing is configured, your reps will still get meeting prep emails for all meetings.


2) Never forget to follow up after a cancellation

Just because your initial meeting fell through doesn’t mean all is lost! This is a sweet spot for Drift Assistant.

  • If the lead is marked as qualified in Salesforce, the Assistant will do the hard work for you and find other chats, events, other meetings, emails, etc. that the lead was a part of (talk about making your life easier).
  • Then you can send them a follow-up email with a customizable template created by you.


  • You can personalize the amount of time after a cancellation that you’d like to receive this reminder email.


  • Beyond that? Drift Assistant lets you customize the template for the check-in email so you can contact them even faster. And this template can, of course, be edited within the email before actually sending.


Drift Admin Pro Tip

  • Admins can configure Drift Assistant so it only sends reminders to your team for leads that match your Salesforce mapping.

3) Always remember to send next steps

You have a great meeting with a qualified lead, but then you’re swept up into the craziness and forget to follow up. Will it fall through the cracks? Not with Drift Assistant.

  • Drift Assistant reminds you to follow up and provides you with information like previous chat history, emails sent, meetings booked, and events/actions in Salesforce for leads that are marked as qualified in SFDC.


  • And just like the other emails, you get to personalize when you want to receive a reminder and you can even customize the email template you want to use.

Drift Admin Pro Tip

  • Drift Assistant can be configured in Salesforce. So when a rep gives a demo, the Assistant knows the demo was held and is ready to follow up afterward.


4) Manage and surface replies to email campaigns automatically

Customers want conversations, but for many marketing teams, email has turned into a one-way communications channel and monitoring the marketing inbox just doesn’t scale. With the combined power of Siftrock and Drift Assistant, you can operationalize much of that work.

  • Drift Assistant manages your inbox for you. Replies are routed to the right sales rep, customer issues get flagged, and the information is automatically synced to your marketing automation system.
  • For example, if a prospect replies to a campaign and says they’re interested in setting up a demo, Drift Assistant will jump in to handle the reply, and then routes the opportunity to the appropriate rep and adds any new data gathered from the exchange.
  • In short? No more digital busywork.



5) Keep all your important email data up-to-date

Keeping contacts and accounts updated is a constant challenge (and constant headache) for B2B marketers. Sure, email auto-replies can tell you when someone has changed jobs or if their email address was deactivated. But marketers don’t have time to keep up with this digital paperwork manually. That’s where Drift Assistant comes into play – it automates these tasks and works within the systems you already use, including Marketo, Salesforce Pardot, Eloqua, HubSpot and Act-On.

  • So your prospect’s information changes in the email signature? No problem.
  • If there is a new contact provided, Drift Assistant automatically updates the systems you use (think: Marketo, Salesforce, Pardot, Eloqua, HubSpot, and Act-On) to match those changes.


We know your time is valuable, which is why we wanted to create a feature that makes your life easier. So let Drift Assistant worry about the little things!

For a more in-depth guide on how to set up Drift Assistant in your own account, check out our help doc here.

Or, you can always find me on Drift chat 😊

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