How to Travel Anywhere in the World for Free (Not Kidding)


Seems like everybody’s got a snazzy referral program these days. Tech companies all want to attract the best people, and what better starting point than the talented people they’ve already hired?

The only problem is, most referral programs focus only on cash as a reward. There’s a veritable arms race going on, with each company and startup trying to outdo the other in raising the stakes and promising an ever-bigger payout for referrals that stick.

We here at Driftt like to do things differently.

We want our referral program to reflect more of our core values — and our core values have a lot more to do with how to live an adventurous life, both at work and at play, than they have to do with acquiring more raw cash, no matter the cost.

And we’d like our referral program to attract folks who feel the same way.

That’s why we’re announcing a brand new referral program today that rewards successful introductions to incredible new people with an all-expenses paid trip anywhere in the world.

That’s right: We’ll pay for your flight. We’ll pay for you to stay wherever it is you choose to land. Just refer a new designer or engineer to join us at Driftt and start packing your bags.

Where would you go on your trip of a lifetime?

Maybe you want to pretend you’re James Bond and hit the blackjack tables at Monaco. Maybe you’ll cheer on your native land at the next Olympics. Maybe you’ll go skiing in the Alps, or hiking Patagonia.

Whatever you choose, we’ll be happy to see you on your way, and happy to welcome you back home when you’re done. Keep in mind that your referral will have to have been successfully employed with us for at least 90 days; you’ll have to give us at least six week’s warning before leaving on your trip, and you’ve got to use your free travel within a year of earning your trip. Total trip value must be under $10K, but that shouldn’t stand in your way.

Driftt wants to encourage you to take that trip you’d probably never take with your own money. We’ve all got different demands on our money and time, so sometimes it takes something like this to get us to go after our dreams.

As a startup engineer or designer, you’re used to hard work. Why not reward yourself with some serious play? 

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