How to Actually Take That Vacation This Summer and Still Hit Your Sales Number

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I strongly believe that you can’t be your best self at work if you completely ignore your personal life. Which is why, as a sales manager, I encourage my team (and make it a priority for myself) to spend some time outside the office.

But in order to do that, we have to build repeatable practices and processes. This way, we all know what we need to do every day and week to hit our goals. And this foresight means we’re able to turn off when we need to. Because when we do return to the office, we know which dials to turn to get back on track to hit our goals.

So whether you’re aiming to take a 10-day trip abroad to travel through Europe or maybe all your friends decided to get married this summer, or maybe (if you’re like me) you love long summer weekends more than anything else all year, I’m sharing exactly how to take time off to recharge while still hitting your sales goal.

So how do you actually take that vacation 🌴 and still crush your number? Let’s go.

  1. Put in extra effort before you leave so you’re set up when you get back. You’re going to miss days of activity and pipeline build. You know your accounts and what your cadence is. And a tool like Outreach that can help you set up your email cadence before you leave comes in especially handy here. If not, do what some of the reps on my team have done and leverage your manager to serve as your email sender 😀
  1. Start communicating with prospects in advance. Regardless of the time of year you’re out, you’re (hopefully) going to have multiple deals in progress. But even if you’re planning some time off, it’s still possible to hit your number. To do so, be sure to work on the prospect’s timeline, but let them know you’re going to be out. If they aren’t planning on signing with you before you leave, schedule a check-in call before you jet off to make sure you’re both on the same page about what’s happening while you’re traveling.
  1. Make sure your prospects have someone to contact. This is when you should leverage your manager. We’re here to help you every day and want you to step away and reset. Make sure your manager knows what’s going on with your prospects and what you need them to do in your absence.
  1. BONUS: Everyone in sales has a number. The best way to take a stress free vacation is get ahead of your number for the quarter or the year. If you do this and everything above, you should shut off Slack and email for every second of your trip!

So if you’re thinking of taking a vacation sometime soon, be sure you have some repeatable processes in place. That way you can get back on track when you’re back in the office. And if you want help booking meetings when you’re at the beach, game or even when you’re sleeping, check out a demo of Drift today.

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