How Keap Built an Irresistible Chatbot & Grow Sales Pipeline by 50%

By Colleen Koslosky

Drift Keap how to improve sales pipeline with chatbots

Today’s buyers are picky. It doesn’t matter if they’re B2C or B2B. They’ve come to expect an experience – in person and online – that’s immediately relevant, helpful and human. All at the same time.

No easy feat.

And it’s understandable. No one wants to feel like just another number on a spreadsheet or name in a database. Buyers want to feel like they’re part of an exclusive club. That’s what makes one-to-one hyper-personalized marketing so successful.

But is it scalable?

Keap, a leading provider of CRM and marketing automation software designed just for small businesses, thinks so. They developed a formula to deliver highly personalized experiences at scale. And guess what?

It works.

Using their unique formula, the Keap team increased sales pipeline via conversational marketing by 50%.

Here’s how they did it.

Urgency, Emotion & Intentionality

Which of these two bots would you chat with?

How can we help bot

Special offer bot

Probably the latter.

Who wouldn’t want a special offer? And it doesn’t even matter what’s included – 50% off a subscription, free training, or maybe even free swag.

It’s not the offer that’s important. Nope. What draws the site visitor in is the urgency behind the offer.

And it works because Keap is tapping into the emotion that scarcity brings – one of psychologist Robert Cialdini’s six principles of influence. What they’re presenting to visitors is a limited time offer. And it’s exclusive.

But you won’t close a deal based on urgency and scarcity alone. You also need to evaluate a site visitor’s intention. Think of a paid social lead vs. an organic lead vs. a returning visitor. They’ve all made it to your site, but they’re all also most likely at different stages in the buyer’s journey. And as such, need to be nurtured differently.

So to capitalize on the intentions of their site visitors, Keap programs their chatbot software to speak to each visitor based on their stage in the buyer journey. And since the chatbot is having a one-on-one personal conversation with every customer on the Keap site, it’s both scalable – and repeatable. But don’t take our word for it. Here’s how Keap’s Rob Stevenson explains it ?

For sales and marketing, it’s a dream combination that brings great results.

By serving up an offer right off the bat, Keap increased their global site engagement rate by almost 1.5%. They now chat with nearly 3% of all visitors.

That’s a lot of conversations!

Not to mention a 50% increase in the chat engagement sales pipeline. And they did it all in 50 days.

Starting a Targeted Conversation

Let’s take a closer look at how you can apply this play from Keap to your own site.

With every conversation you start, you have the chance to engage your site visitors at the right time and place. This engagement can be based on traffic source, what page a site visitor is on, or maybe even how often they come to your site.

Visits to your high intent pages (like pricing) are a key indicator of when your site visitors are closest to converting. By offering these high value visitors a fastlane to your team, you remove some of the unnecessary friction during the sales process and increase the likelihood they convert.

Bonus points if you combine your messaging with website specific behavior:

Personalized behavior bot

Personalization is also a great way to engage with prospects throughout a conversation. Aside from targeting based on URL or site behavior, you can target based on your Ideal Customer Profile.

You likely already have an Ideal Customer Profile you want to drive more conversations with. And you want to give them direct access to your team, but without personalization, you’re probably treating these VIP customers like everyone else.

Here’s the fix. When you set up targeting conditions like company size, you can omit qualifying questions and drive site visitors that fall under the right profile straight to sales. If you don’t have firmographic targeting, ask your most important qualifying question first, and then give those leads a fastlane to sales.

The below bot shows how Keap uses firmographic targeting to identify visitors that match its Ideal Customer Profile – small businesses – and then serves them with a personalized message.

tailored Keap bot

Final Thoughts: Create a Painless Experience

A reminder for when you’re building any bot: This is a conversation you’re having with prospects. Remember, treat site visitors like they’re humans… because they are. Take a lesson or two from how you might approach someone new at a party. And apply that to your own chatbot building strategy. Remember to be helpful, personable, and friendly every step of the way.