How Load Impact Reduced Churn With One Simple Change To Their Emails

When we first rolled out Drift meetings, I was pumped to see the first few meetings get booked and trickle in. Two days later, I was shocked to see that someone had already booked 7 meetings.

It turns out, that someone’s name is Mark — he is the team lead on Load Impact’s customer success team. He’s doing something super simple, but super personal, and his customers are loving it.

Using his profile link, I chatted in with him to see if he’d be willing to spend 15 minutes to teach us some new tricks. Spoiler alert: he was! Thanks Mark.

I put some time on his calendar for the next day. The whole exchange from first chat to meeting on his calendar took ~2 minutes. (Damn.)

A little more about Mark. Mark is an aspiring Adirondack 46er, has two Australian Cattle Dog mixes, and is on pace to run 2017 miles in 2017. His company, Load Impact, helps developers load test apps + sites, so they can ship faster.

Here’s Mark’s secret:

Mark puts his profile link in every onboarding email, so customers always know where to find him.

Linking to my profile sparks conversations with people at the make or break point. It helps reduce churn and helps me better understand my customer’s needs from our current product & potential future features we can add.

Here’s a note from a delighted customer:

Thanks for the information, I’ll grab some time on your calendar soon. This level of support is outstanding!

-Michael F, Software Engineer

We love learning from all of you, and I’d love to keep highlighting some of the ways our Drift users are using their profiles in a unique way.

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