Special Announcement: Meet the Brand New Podcast from Seeking Wisdom

We’ve got some exciting news from Drift and the Seeking Wisdom family of podcasts! We’re launching a brand new show called #Growth, hosted by Drift’s Matt Bilotti, Senior Product Manager on, you guessed it, our Growth team. His show covers everything from growth tactics, the metrics that really matter to your bottom line, funnel mapping, how to run certain experiments, magic moments and so much more. You can also expect to get exclusive insider tips from growth leaders at top B2B companies on the tactics and strategies they use every day. Finally, a show for all you growth folks! Be sure to tune in when the first episode drops tomorrow.

You can listen below ? to hear more about the exciting news!

But wait! There’s more. #Build is getting it’s own dedicated feed! Make sure you don’t miss an episode by searching for and subscribing to the Build from Seeking Wisdom feed! A brand new episode will be out in the dedicated Build feed on Friday. You can subscribe to Build on Apple Podcasts here or Pocket Casts here so you never miss an episode. Want to catch up before Friday? Listen to the latest episode below.

Be sure to give all our new and existing pods ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. You can catch up with Build host Maggie Crowley, Seeking Wisdom’s Dave Gerhardt, and now #Growth’s host Matt Bilotti on Twitter: @maggiecrowley, @davegerhardt, @mattbilotti.

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