Last Week We Made The Decision To Stop Gating Our Content: Here’s What Happened


Last week, we wrote about how we made the decision to kill all of our gated content and make everything that we create from here on out be completely free. (see How to Generate Leads Online Without Forms)


When we hit publish on that article, we had a feeling that it might stir things up and get people talking — but we didn’t expect a response like the one we got.

Minutes after publishing the post and sending this email:


My inbox was instantly flooded with messages like these:




So then we decided to post this link on to share our new strategy with their community of 150,000 marketers to see if they thought we could still build an audience without gated content.

This would be a good pressure test, we thought.

If your idea, tactic, strategy or comment doesn’t jive with what the rest of the marketing world is thinking on, they will tell you.

Here’s me getting roasted a few weeks back by a very influential member of the community  after I made a very simplified definition of Conversion Rate Optimization:


Ah, the Internet.

Posting on can be hit or miss — the only way to really get traction on a post is to hit a nerve or post something that people genuinely are interested in.

It’s really tough to just share a link to something you wrote and get more than an upvote or two.

So I posted this question and rubbed my Seth Godin bobblehead doll for good luck:


And sure enough, one by one, comments like these started rolling in:





The post went on to claim the top organic spot on – and as of writing this, has been viewed over 1600 times with 66 comments, most of them echoing the sentiment above.

If the members from are coming back with such positive responses, we might really be on to something.

And then David Cancel (you know, the guy who’s phone call sparked this entire thing) started sending me tweets like this:

And this one from Chelsea Scholz, a campaign strategist at Unbounce:

Unbounce. They’ve built a multi-million dollar business around landing pages and lead forms!

And then we saw this mini tweet storm from Baremetrics founder Josh Pigford:

A New Movement: Free Your Marketing

We still have a long way to go before we will know the impact of killing all of our gated content, but one thing is for sure: this felt right to us.

And after seeing the response from people outside of the four walls at Drift, we’re even more confident that this is the right path forward.

We’ve published 191 pieces of content since officially launching our marketing efforts in October, and after just one week, the “no lead forms” post is #2 out of 191 posts in terms of traffic:


And as a funny little sidenote: that one post about no more gated content and lead forms generated more email subscribers than any post we’ve ever published.

Funny how things work sometimes.

Free Your Marketing. Stop Treating People Like Leads.

So. Can you help us spread the word about this movement by clicking the image below to tweet? You can edit the tweet before you send it too.


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