How This Flywire AE Uses Drift Video to Personalize Her Outreach

By Drift

Hi, I’m Galem 👋

I’m an Account Executive at Flywire. Like any AE, I’m no stranger to cold outreach, but when my team added Drift Video into our prospecting toolkit…well, I think I might’ve found my calling.

(Read the full post and watch the video I made to go along with it here on LinkedIn).

Here’s how I’m using video to personalize my outreach and start conversations with buyers?

Why Videos Are Amazing for Prospecting

Video creation is so versatile and can be used across the sales process, from prospecting to closing.

Before you start this whole process, there are five things to keep in mind:

?  You will be self-conscious and want every video to be perfect (trust me: they won’t be perfect). Don’t get lost in trying to be perfect, because no one is. Focus on being relatable and human.

?  The more videos you do, the more comfortable it will be. If you’re nervous about sending prospects videos, start small: send them to friends, family members, colleagues, and LinkedIn connections. Ask for their feedback (and actually listen to it). It’s about daily practice and repetition to get comfortable with the process.

? You need to stay hyper-focused on your task, so turn off distractions like your phone, Slack, LinkedIn, emails, and anything else that will take your mind off your video.

?️  There’s no blueprint to making videos, so you need to add your own spice and style to it. Check out what’s worked for other people and use it as a baseline, then make video prospecting your own thing.

Have fun!

I started using videos when prospecting, and it quickly became a mainstay in my sales process. When appropriate, I now make videos for everything from checking in after discovery calls to summarizing meetings.

My Step-by-Step Process to Video Prospecting

1. Write down each first name of the prospect in a notebook. This helps when it comes to building the videos and sending out my email pitches, because I can cross-check the prospects I’m sending videos to on my CRM and in my notebook.

2. Prepare and practice the script. Creating an exciting script is key to your videos succeeding. I personalize mine based on the prospect’s needs, but it always contains a quick intro and strong CTA. Below is an example of a video I sent recently.

3.Start recording the videos. Here’s where Drift Video comes into play. The quickest way to record videos is to use Drift’s browser extension. Because I work in a highly regulated industry, we do things a little bit differently. Always check with your internal security team what they advise you to do. I record personalized videos using either QuickPlay or Zoom on my laptop and then upload them to my Drift Library.

4. Load emails into the CRM. I use a cadence software tool to send out my emails, but if you don’t have one – you’ll have to send out your emails one by one. Don’t forget to embed the video!

5. Send out the emails. I copy and paste the embed codes of each video in my Drift Video library and match the names to each prospect in the script I prepared earlier. All that’s left to do is put the name of the prospect into the subject line and in the email copy.

Three Other Ways I Utilize Video in the Sales Process

1.      Screen sharing.: I like to use this to demonstrate how to quickly solve a problem for a prospect. Again, if you’re using Drift’s extension it is very intuitive (see below for an example).

2.     Follow-up. After a successful discovery or demo, it can be helpful to send a video and summarize the points you discussed. Using Drift Video, I do this by sending out a regular video or screen sharing to show something specific about the product (or, use a combination of both).

3.     Closing the deal. Remember, prospects are humans too, with full-time jobs. If you keep that in mind (and how stretched their time is), it makes sense by helping them out and following up with a video. Not only can it outline the next steps of the sales process or address their concerns quickly, but it can nudge them forward into the final steps of a deal without “checking in.”

That’s it.

That’s how I’ve used Drift Video in my role at Flywire to bring some personalization to my outreach. I’d love to hear from anyone who has used videos in the sales process, so please reach out and connect with me on LinkedIn so we can share strategies.

Galem Girmay is an AE at Flywire and the co-founder of RevGenius, a group of revenue-generating sales and marketing professionals brought together to learn, share, support, and grow with each other.