Drift Product Update: Here’s What’s New From February

It’s time for our monthly Product Update where we fill you in on everything that’s new inside of Drift from the past month.

This month was all about helping sales teams build a bigger pipeline by being able to qualify leads in real-time and book meetings in seconds right inside of chat.

See, you’re 10x more likely to qualify a lead if you respond within five minutes, but if you’ve seen our new lead response survey, you know that 93% of sales teams don’t hit that mark.

OK I don’t want to give it all away in my introduction — so here’s a rundown of everything that we shipped in Drift for the month of February:

PS. You can always reach me directly through my Drift Profile to share any product feedback, suggestions, ideas, or if you just want to chat about the latest trends in beard grooming.

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Scheduling Meetings In Seconds With Drift

Selling is fun. Spending all of your time going back and forth trying to schedule meetings, well, isn’t (and we’ve all been there). So now you can book meetings in real-time when someone clicks on your Drift Profile. Link to it in your email signature, from your LinkedIn page, Twitter account, and more.

Here’s everything you need to know about scheduling meetings with Drift.

Get Push Notifications When Your Best Leads Are On Your Site

Last month we shipped Live View so you can see who’s live on your website and reach out in real-time. And now you can follow leads from target accounts and get push notifications when those people come back to your site:


See a lead you like or have been chasing? Just hit follow, and then when that lead comes back to your website, you’ll get a push notification with which page they’re on — and if you swipe that notification you can send them a message in real-time.

Qualify Leads In Real Time Using Drift

The best time to talk to someone isn’t after they’ve filled out a form. It’s when they are live on your website.

And with Drift, you now have the ability to qualify prospects and leads in real-time.

So while your sales team might not be able to work around the clock to qualify leads (or always be there to respond within the first five minutes) Drift can qualify those leads for you in seconds — and all you have to do is upload a list of the same questions your BDRs are already asking.

Simply take your qualifying script or write new questions, put them in Drift and let our bot find your ideal customers for you. We’ve already seen customers be able to triple the number of qualified leads they are getting by using Drift on high intent pages on their websites. Here’s how it works:

Set Admin Roles For Your Team Members

Now you can set admin roles and limit access to various parts of your Drift account, like billing and editing. Here’s everything you need to know about setting admin roles in your account.

admin roles.gif

More Context, Even When You’re Offline

You won’t always be around when your leads and customers have questions. Now, if somebody comes back to a conversation that was already ongoing, the chat widget will be explicit to communicate with them that you’re currently not there and will respond as soon as possible.


A Few Other Quick Updates From February

  • Only want Drift to show up when you’re around? Well now you can. Just set up a simple targeting condition: display if/when the Drift chat widget is online (you can set this up in targeting).
  • When a message is sent from the lead or customer through the chat widget and it contains a link, we automatically hyperlink those now. You might call it link magic.
  • We updated the styling options and changed the color of the username that shows up in the welcome message. The little things matter, too.
  • Test out notifications. You know how Slack lets you send test notifications to make sure your push, email, and browser notifications are working, and it’s pretty sweet? Well, now you can do the same thing with Drift to make sure you’re getting the notifications that you want, too.

As always, we’re here if you need anything. Come say hello on chat at anytime.

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