Get Your Team On Brand and On Message with Drift Signatures in 10 Minutes

This week, we launched Drift Signatures. If you haven’t heard the news, head on over to Sonja’s post and have a quick read.

(For real, go check it out now and then come on back. This link will open a new tab.)


Okay. Now we can get started.

You may remember from Sonja’s post that you can use Drift Signatures as an email signature marketing tool to:

  • Build your brand
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Get your team on the same page in minutes

But as a Drift customer, you may be wondering how you can get this into your marketing mix as quickly as possible. That’s what I’m here for. We’ll have this set up and going before your next episode of Friends starts autoplaying. Grab your laptop real quick and…

Let’s go.

How Drift Signatures Fits In With Your Conversational Marketing Strategy

Before we start, let’s take a step back and think about how something like Drift Signatures fits into the rest of your conversational marketing strategy.

We already know that Drift exists to get us ever closer to the customer. But with Signatures, we can capture another customer touch point and transform everyday emails into truly marketable moments. Not only that, we can do this for your entire employee base at the same time.

With Drift Signatures, people who interact with your team via email will always be up-to-date with the latest and greatest of what you have to offer. And you, the marketer, can make sure that you’re taking advantage of every single channel to raise awareness about your brand, and get your entire team on the same page.

Ten Minutes to Team Alignment

Let’s create our first Signature with a Handy Guide Video. Too eager to watch the video? Skip straight to the help doc for Drift Signatures.

Which email signature you decide to promote is up to you. But I get it — you may be sitting there scratching your head, wondering, What should I promote, Chris? How do I know where to start?

Let’s talk through some ideas to get you going with Drift Signatures right away.

Most companies are going to use Drift Signatures to promote something — an upcoming event, a landing page, or maybe even some killer content like a video about a new product or feature. If you’re really bold, you might even use your email signature to share a sales-oriented call to action. So that gives you a few really good reasons to start using Signatures:

  • Promote an event
  • Send people to a campaign landing page
  • Share a killer video
  • Drive a clear sales CTA (e.g., Book a demo!)

Once you decide what to promote, then we can get into the details of customizing your Signatures. Worth noting: I’m always a big advocate of creating content in text first before you add a bunch of styling to it. After all, that’s how Hollywood scripts are built, and the last time I saw “Star Wars”, it turned out okay. We’ll take a similar approach as we plan our Signatures campaign.

Let’s dive in.

The Simple Drift Signatures Formula

If you think about it, there are just three simple components of every successful call to action. I break it down into three lines that answer a question for the reader. Here’s what I mean (and you can use it as your very own Drift Signature template going forward):

Line 1: Did you hear about it?
Line 2: More clarity about why you need it.
Line 3: Go do this (aka, a CTA).

For an event-oriented campaign, we can simply think about how we might create a written call to action to invite someone to an upcoming event.

  1. Are you joining us at HYPERGROWTH?
  2. Did you know we just dropped our whole speaker lineup for September?
  3. Check it out.

Remember, you don’t have much space here to write a really long piece of copy. The above quoted text is something I like to call “microcopy”. More on microcopy another day.

To give you a good sense for how to take advantage of Drift Signatures, just look at how we might promote Drift’s Conversational Marketing University using this same formula:

  1. Conversational Marketing University
  2. New Lesson!
  3. Get Access Now

Finally, for a new product launch, you might write:

  1. Introducing Drift Signatures.
  2. Set your team’s signature in 2 minutes or less.
  3. Get Started.

Here’s what you might do with a graphic for that:

Drift Signatures Launch Alley-oop

Want to get your people using Drift Signatures? Here’s email you can send your team to get them fired up.

[Swipe this by below copying the text?]

Customize Your Signature

You may be looking at the Signature tool and wonder, “How can I get some of my social media information for my personal profiles?”You might be pondering, “How does Monica afford that Manhattan apartment on a barista salary?” Not yet.. almost there… stay focused… You may be thinking, “I prefer to have a different vernacular when talking about title and company in my email salutations.”  I’m with you. I like to be able to dig in and customize things and make them my own, too.

So, bear with me in this video as I fumble through and learn how to do just that. You’ll see that we are going to change slightly the format of how we display titles and and company. We’ll also add the location, and a link to every LinkedIn to all the team member’s signatures who have added that to their profile.

Here’s the code from the video for you to drop into your signature block. Remember to use the “<>” button to go into code editor mode to drop this in.

[Same drill. Copy the text.?]

Measure Your Results

Now it just wouldn’t be like Drift to give you a tool like this without being able to measure the results. Every Signatures Playbook is has a robust analytics dashboard to show you how your different promotions and team members are contributing to traffic, conversions, and sales opportunities to your business.

You’re going to see three different metrics that correlate in order: number of clicks, number of conversations, and number of meetings booked.

Next Steps

Once you have Drift Signatures rolled out, what should you do next? Have lunch with us on Wednesday, July 11th, 2018 at 12pm EST.

Let’s do lunch with *Olympian* Product Manager, Maggie Crowley, and talk even more about how you can mobilize your entire team with a new campaign in a few clicks with Drift Signatures (and elevate every customer touchpoint in the process).

You can sign up for that right here:

So that’s a wrap for Drift Signatures today. We’ll be here if you need anymore assistance. As always, make sure that you have signed up and enrolled for the upcoming semester at Conversational Marketing University, where there will be plenty more educational content to come. I really want to hear from you about what kind of stuff you want to know about ASAP.

Feel free to get back to the Central Perk now. You deserve it.